Time for a Black Cat quickie! I’ll use the same style I did for my last entry, just with a mix of plot summary and thoughts.

Preta Ghoul wants vengeance on Saya, but of course she’s dead despite her large number of appearances after episode 6. Sven decides to fight him, using Eve as various props during his fight. He wins of course, but makes the idiotic mistake of just locking him up rather than killing him. If he could come back from being supposedly killed, he’ll most likely be back from this. Meanwhile, Sephiria gets the crud kicked out of her by Creed, who’s now virtually immortal and convinced that he’s become a god. Train gets beaten up too, but luckily he has a special bullet. He unfortunately drops it, but Saya’s spirit shows up to catch it for him. She fires the gun with Train and Sephiria attacks Creed with his sword. As expected, even all fo that didn’t kill him though. This is only episode 19 in a series slated for 52(?) episodes (I heard that there might be less), so I’m not surprised at all. Echinda’s taking care of Creed for now, so soon enough he’ll probably be causing trouble again. Next weeks episode will be focusing on Eve though, so we’ll have to wait to see Creed’s next move. Some pretty cool stuff occurred this week. One highlight was getting a little teaser on Creed’s past. Even as a child he has the psycho look going for him. I hope they go more into depth on this soon. Also, it was great to see more Saya screen time but I think the anime staff keeps forgetting that she’s dead.

Eve's gotten into cosplay Creed has very cool paintings... and a very disturbing extra limb Train also seems to be questioning where Saya came from all of a sudden

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I heard that it was going to be even shorter, at around 24-26 episodes. O_O

Comment by Bento_Boy 03.07.06 @ 4:35 pm

Yep. ANN now has it listed as 24. I guess it was doing as poorly in Japan as it is in America. Then again, some series that were slated for 50/52 episodes, such as Ah! My Goddess TV, are doing it in two seasons. I guess it’s possible that there could be a second season.

Comment by TL-chan 03.09.06 @ 4:47 am

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