I hope I didn’t screw this up too badly. I’m really feeling out of it. Well… here goes. Abbey is reunited with her parents while Train and co. are reunited with (unfortunately) Black Cat impersonator. Of course stupidity ensues, but thankfully it’s kept to a minimum this week. Later, everyone, including the sweeper alliance has a bit of a celebration and after they leave, Sven and Eve are left alone in the restaurant. Sven starts to discuss how Eve’s life will be and is planning to send her to school. Eve gets mad at him for not understanding her and leaves. Train sees her go and questions Sven on this. The two decide to go looking for her. Eve feeds some birds and is reminded of when she and Sven did this together. She sees someone coming and is excited because she thinks it’s Sven, but it turns out to be doctor. He tricks her and turns her back to the old Eve. Meanwhile, a former Chronos number, Meso, who’s now working for Creed, meets up with Sephiria. Later, Janus and Lin Xiao Li find Sephiria unconscious with a vicious looking Chronos wolf and Beroze. Rins is back and still doing research on the disc. She eventually makes some progress and discovers Eve. During Train and Sven’s hunt, they find Eve too with help from Abbey’s father. Doctor and Meso are waiting for them and they have Eve attack. Sven tries to stop her from leaving, but she stabs him.

Meh. I wasn’t expecting much from last weeks preview, so I didn’t care so much that this episode was a bit of a bore. At least we got to see Rins again. I missed her. I still think Doctor’s pretty cool so it was nice to see more of him as well. He wasn’t psychotic enough though, which was disappointing. This Meso guy looks like he could be interesting though. He’s certainly a threat to Chronos, considering that he attacked Sephiria, the number one member. However, he has other Chronos members on his side, as was seen when Train and Sven briefly met with him. He’d better not take Creeds role as the new main villain though. That would be totally pointless. Hopefully he’ll be dead by next week so Creed can come back. Maybe when he gets killed, he can take Black Cat impersonator with him. The animation next week looks awful from the preview. Everyone has gross looking misshapen heads. Did they get the Eikyuu Alice Rondo staff in for some special fun?

Serves you right, stupid-head Just because I love angsty shots Nice hair Rins Challenging Bo-bobo in the nose hair department

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