Sergey has come to take both Arika and Mashiro. Arika is upset over his motives. Sergey confesses that he was attracted to her due to her smile and determination. Arika admits that she loved him too and understood why Nina loved him. Sergey says that Nina is his daughter and because of that he’s doing this gor her. He then aims a gun at Arika, hoping that she’ll surrender but knowing she won’t. However, Tomoe and some other girls show up so Sergey goes to Chie and tells her to help him look for Mashiro. Chie’s Robe forces her to obey Sergey’s orders. Meanwhile, Midori kills Fia and the emperor. Back with Arika, Tomoe starts to attack with her new Robe that works like Shizuru’s. She admits to Arika that she caused all the trouble for her. She’s also glad that Erstin died, because she tried to interfere. Arika is protected by Miyu, who also saves Mashiro and Mikoto from Sergey and Chie. Miyu fights Sergey and unintentionally gives him a mortal wound. While activating the harmonium for Nagi, Nina sees Sergey get hurt. She believes that he got hurt protecting Arika again and goes insane, attacking with Harmonium’s power. Arika wakes up in a room with Mashiro, the real Mikoto and dun dun dun… Mai.

So Mai is officially back… or is she? That ending was just weird. For all I know, it might not even be real. I hope it is though because otherwise it would be pretty cheap to taunt us with Mai like that. They’ve been hinting her appearance since the first OP and there is the little detail of her name being in the title. Of course, having her back means they can go all out with the Shinn and Kira thing. Nina just seemed very Athrun-like in this episode. When Nagi was giving her permission to destroy Arika and she didn’t, it reminded me of Athrun’s reluctance to kill Kira in early Seed. Yeah, so admittedly I’m looking for connections to Seed/Destiny, but the parallels are just too much. One thing that I found disappointing here was that Aoi wasn’t even dead. Her death didn’t seem too momentous to me, but Mashiro’s been angsting about it for quite a few episodes now. Don’t destroy good angst like that!

Hair-blowing angst is pretty You know, Arika could probably just dodge your shot Being obnoxious sure is fun Angriest picture ever?

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