Yes, this is somewhat of a quickie. Yes I’m still sick. Yes, there are probably other things I should be doing now, but I’d prefer to be watching anime. Now for the entry.

Airi claims that she’s seen UFOs, but Mamoru doesn’t believe it. Ofcourse, they are real and they abduct Yuuna and Burumaru. Everyone goes out in search of them and eventually finds a ship. The key to the spaceship is conveniently located next to it under a potted tree. Once inside, Tsubaki and Airi accidentally set off the security. Several aliens are defeated during one of Yamame and Hotaru’s brawls. Mamoru isn’t so lucky though and gets knocked out by the aliens. He manages to free Burumaru though, who goes berserk on the aliens for not giving him food. Later, Mamoru and Yuuna wake up but since Yuuna is completely naked, the other girls suspect Mamoru’s doing something and get mad at him.

KKM has lost its last bit of sanity, having UFOs this week and evil moles in the preview for next week. I had fun watching this episode though, but unfortunately I got Yuuna’s banana song stuck in my head. Tsubaki actually got some screentime this week, which is cool. She’s still the best, but I’m getting attached to Airi. I guess I like tsundere. ^_- There’s not much else to say, since nothing particularly special ever happens in this show. It’s just taking the same ridiculous characters and putting them in wacky situations each week. However, that’s what makes it fun. If it had a plot, I wouldn’t use it as my guilty pleasure series.

Blissfully unaware as usual Doing something weird as usual This is why you shouldn't neglect feeding your dog Mamoru is reminded that he's a harem male

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