In the fog, Natsuki and Nao drive off a cliff, but Nao is able to save them just in time. Meanwhile, Arika and Mashiro are with Mai, Mikoto and Miyu. Mashiro is a bit uncomfortable and wants to know who these people are. Mai introduces herself and she tells them that Mikoto is a cat god. Miyu explains some background on their location and suggests that since Nina can control the harmonium, then she’s probably the true queen. Nagi is currently explaining the same thing to Sergey. Nagi also confirms that they’re creating new gems using Rena’s remains. Back to Miyu, she explains that Arika is really Alyssa’s ancestor. That’s why her hair can glow yellow. Mai and Arika then go off to get water and Mikoto goes to see who got caught in a trap that she set up. Mashiro is left to question her identity to Miyu. Miyu doesn’t know, but hints that she could be a descendant of Fumi. Soon, it’s revealed that Mikoto caught Nao and Natsuki. Natsuki is very shocked to see Mai. The group goes off to the onsen to discuss things. Mai says that Mikoto’s now her master because, being Mikoto, she ate Mai’s gem. Miyu explains that Mikoto is a crystal princess, the last one. The Otome’s are copies of the crystal princesses. It’s also shown that Mikoto has a HiME symbol on her arm. Otomes were created to maintain order in the world and Miyu exists to make sure they do so. While this is going on, Nina tells Sergey that it’s strange that she was once friends with Arika. She discusses that now she doesn’t care who she hurts to fulfill her and Sergey’s wish. Back with Arika and co., Arika tells Mashiro that she believes she saw Nina cry and knows that she’s not happy about controlling the Harmonium. Even so, at the moment Nina is using it and causing quite a bit of destruction. Nao and Natsuki announce that they’re leaving and Arika and Mashiro want to come. Natsuki tells them not to. To prove that they shouldn’t come, Mai has Arika fight Mikoto. Arika quickly loses and asks Mikoto to train her. Mikoto nods in agreement. Miyu tells Mashiro to seek assistance in being a proper ruler from Mai, because she’s a princess. As the others leave, Arika is excited because soon she’ll be strong enough to stop the war.

I got a ton of satisfaction from watching this, admittedly. Mikoto was my favorite character in HiME and the show just wasn’t the same without her. The Mikoto cats were cute and all, but they couldn’t even talk. I’m glad that she hasn’t really changed. She’s still in love with food and clings to Mai. Mai’s pretty much the same too. I’m glad to see that she hasn’t taken over Arika’s role yet. I like Mai and all, but I’m a bit more partial to Arika. Aside from the return of Mikoto and Mai, there was quite a few other significant occurrences this week. Nina’s been revealed as the queen of Windbloom. I jokingly predicted that earlier on, but became more and more attached to the idea as things were revealed. Now I get bragging rights. Yeah! Also, it was heavily hinted that this series is more than a spinoff with similar characters. It could easily be a direct sequel with all the characters as descendants of the original cast of Mai HiME. Arika’s a descendant of Alyssa and Mashiro is possibly a descendant of Fumi. I’m guessing that the other characters are all descendants of their namesakes. That we’ll have to see though. I look forward to next week and more Erstin!

Mikoto times two Mai's back Obviously, Mikoto has a low tolerance for hot springs A pairing that's wrong in several ways

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