Meson and Doctor combine insane and insane to make an uber-insane alliance. They’ve got poor Eve and send her to paradise as doctor had stated last week… Eden. Meanwhile, Train and Sven recover from their fight with Eve and Sven is anxious to go after her. Train reminds Sven of when they were in reverse postitions and Sven stopped Train from being too reckless. He convinces Sven not to go do something stupid and rides off on his motorcycle. Meanwhile, Leon returns home and is accepted back by his old friends. Getting back to Sven, Rins shows up just as he’s leaving the bar. She’s bought with her somebody who she believes to be a clone of Eve. When they show this girl a picture of Eve, she snaps and tries to kill Rins, but Sven stops her. The scene changes back to Eve, who wakes up in Eden. She meets a boy named Adam who offers her an apple to eat. In the real world, the more calm Eve look-alike talks with Sven and Rins. Half of the stuff she explained I could not understand. Sorry, but she said so much, so quickly and I’m not that amazing at Japanese. I’m pretty sure that she was one of the scientists working on Project Eden and what I do know for sure is that she says that they’re trying to turn Eve evil. This happens when Eve does decide to eat the apple. The sky turns yellow and strange things start to happen. Various civilians are wrapped in cocoons. This is a big news story, which interrupts the mecha anime that the Sweeper Alliance was watchng. Kyoko finds out about it too. Leon, Tim and Lila see the change in sky color, but don’t know what it’s about. During this, Train convinces the Chronos numbers to help save Eve by challenging Sephiria’s pride. Sven, Eve-lookalike, Black Cat impersonator and Rins drive off to find Eve. Train meets up with them, with the Sweeper Alliance and Chronos Numbers in tow.

That was an excellent episode, one of the best yet! The animation didn’t bother me at all. Admittedly, I wasn’t looking at the screen the whole time because I was busy trying to clean my computer mouse, but I was absorbed by the story. There was a lot of religious symbolism here with the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, and the forbidden fruit. This was a nice touch that made the episode fun. I don’t believe Adam was really such a bishie though. His seiyuu was clearly female and he looked rather girlish. Creed is officially back in action, though he didn’t do anything. I just knew he’d be back! I wonder why he has white roses now. That has to mean something. I wonder if he’ll side with Train now. If he gets on Train’s good side (which I doubt will happen because Train won’t forgive him that easily) then it’ll be easier for him to get with his beloved. Eh… I’ll leave the fantasizing to Ten. Even if Creed doesn’t join Train and his massive rescue squad, I’m betting Kyoko and Leon will. Infact, the preview indicates that my darling Leon will play a part next week. I’m so glad he’s back. He’s just so cute. Sorry, the ranting ends here. ^_^; I think I’ll catch the subs of this episode to get more info on the Eve-lookalike. She seems like an intriguing character, so I wish I understood half of what she was saying. As for Meson, I’m liking him more and more. He’s still not as awesome as doctor, but I like psychotics and psycho is really the only word to describe him. I still don’t want him to be the final enemy, but it looks like that might happen.

Train... the only biker who drinks milk My darling adorable Leon! Eve is in Eden with Adam... But her physical body has become an excuse for loli-fanservice

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Is my CreedxTrain fantasy contagious? Hee. I hope so. ;p

I like the fact that bishie dude is the one who offered the apple instead of the other way around. I can almost spin it to my liking where the serpent is actually the man in disguise (but I guess that’s a bit farfetched and off-topic). Also, it gets old when its the woman who is always the temptress.

Comment by Ten 03.28.06 @ 9:56 pm

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