Thanks to a newspaper article and one of her teachers, Yuuna decides to dig for gold in her backyard. She winds up finding a door to a tunnel. Mamoru accidentally breaks the handle and investigates it later on. He discovers that it’s made of gold. After a talk with Tsubaki, he learns about a legend of mole creatures guarding a general’s treasure. When Mamoru returns home, he learns from his mother that Yuuna is missing. He finds a flashlight and her slipper and realizes that she has to have gone into the tunnel. He’s unable to track Yuuna though, because both Burumaru and Yamame’s rabbit have colds. Hotaru has a method to help him though, so the two enter the tunnel. Inside, they find both gold and mole monsters, but not Yuuna. Also, Hotaru tries to take advantage of the situation of being alone in the dark with Mamoru. Fortunately, Yamame and Tsubaki show up, very angrily. Mamoru fights the mole people with the flashlight and an earthquake soon occurs. The other girls forcefully take Mamoru out and make their escape. Mamoru immediately digs for Yuuna, but it turns out that Yuuna was never in the tunnel. Then Yuuna gets a call from Airi. The Earthquake destroyed her house. It’s learned the next day though that Airi found all the gold. I guess she’s still rich. ^_^ Yuuna still wants to discover a fortune, so Mamoru tells her to look on the school grounds. It turns out that there really was something there and Yuuna is attacked by ant monsters.

Okay… that was demented. Funny, but demented. There have been batter episodes then this one but it certainly had its moments. One of my favorites was Yuuna having the banana song as her ring tone. I question how she got that. I doubt she can download a song she wrote, so maybe she used the composer feature. If that’s the case then I want the directions for composing it for my phone. I couldn’t make it otherwise, because I’m not at all musically inclined. ^_^; Another fun thing was the ant monsters at the end. They were actually kind of cute. Next week is the finale and it’s an hour-long special with two episodes. I can’t wait to see how much randomness they can cram into this. I’d very much like a conclusive ending, but that usually doesn’t happen with harem shows. Go Tsubaki!

Nice mask Tsubaki's hair looks much nicer this way It's not happening, Hotaru Yuuna can never catch a break

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