Blondie, whose name I still don’t know, tells her sob-story of how she grew up with Takion. She learned his ideals but had a lot of resent toward him for always being too busy to spend time with her. After this, she stabs Takion with her key and he rapidly ages until his death. Kiraha gets angry, but Blondie goes after her next. Kiraha puts up a fight for awhile, while Aruto still sits by doing nothing but angst. Blondie gets at Kiraha by bringing up her feelings for Aruto and with this distraction, manages to pin her to the thing Arisu is trapped in. This jolts Aruto enough to get him to try and stop Blondie. Kiraha tells Aruto that he should use his abilities to write Arisu free. While he goes to do that, Blondie takes Kiraha’s story. She begins to rip it up, which (for the sake of fanservice, I suppose) causes Kiraha’s close to dissolve. Luckily though, Aruto was able to bring Arisu back to normal and once free, she saves Kiraha. Arisu and Kiraha team up against Blondie and Kiraha is about to steal her story, but Arisu makes her stop. It’s not her will for Blondie to die and she plans to stay in the unending world with them. She bids Kiraha and Aruto farewell and the two return home. They live a normal life with Kirika and (Yes!!!) Kisa-chan. Aruto’s still a bit depressed though.

Not bad, aside from the animation. I don’t like Blondie at all, so it’s a shame she didn’t die. Darn you Arisu! Part of my hate for her stems from my lack of knowledge of her name, admittedly. I know they said it, even in this episode, but I can’t make out what it is. I’m not really surprised about Kisa’s return. Under the circumstances of her death last week, she only vanished. She didn’t age like Takion did. In anime, you can always return from that. While I’m not a fan of revivals without explanation, I’ll let this one slide just because it’s Kisa-chan. Interestingly, the action part of the series is seemingly over. As with most previews for final episodes they didn’t tell us anything that would happen, so you never know. There could always be some surprise twist. Chances are 99:1 that Arisu will return next week. As for whatever else they have planned, I’m left waiting.

What do you mean you have no time for lolis, master Takion? Aww... look at the little sadists Unfortunately the best animated scene this episode To think they hated eachother for most of the series

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