The tournament is officially over. My team was successful in winning the spirit award, but standing and jumping around for three days straight really killed my feet. It’s unfortunate that the tournament was probably rigged. Matches were done over again multiple times, including the final match. The teams in the winning alliance were apparently sponsored by the people who sponsored the regional, though I didn’t get the full story and I doubt I ever will. My team made it into the final eight, but was eliminated when our score was switched with another alliances. Not only was this rigged, but utterly disorganized. Regardless of the problems, I really had a blast. We hung out with another team, the Quantam Samurai, who really rocked! Congrats to them for winning the Engineering Inspiration award.

As for this weekend’s blogging, I’ve already written up quickie entries for Black Cat and Jigoku Shoujo, which will be up shortly. Since plenty of people are already covering them, no Mai Otome or Gate/Stay Night this week. However, I’ll certainly get up Kage Kara Mamoru. I haven’t even gotten to downloading it yet, so that won’t be for a while.

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