Tim is attacked by the monster created through project Eden, so Leon and the other kids join the rescue party. Kyoko and Sheldon soon become a part as well. Inside Eden, Adam gives Eve various animals, including a snake that she fights off and some adorable elephants that she plays with. Her actions effect what Eden does. Eden itself shows its true form, a creepy floating girl. The party decides that to stop it, they have to find something that Eve likes. Sven eventually realizes that it’s fireworks. Leon decides to make fireworks but is unable so Train eventually goes to save him. Soon after, Rins and Eve clone take the kids away from the battleground. Everyone else begins fighting the giant monster.

Another excellent episode. Plenty of Leon screentime makes me very happy though. As much as I like Leon, I have to agree with Train for calling him “gaki.” What he did was incredibly stupid and only resulted in him passing out. Poor Leon. There was some pretty funny things this week though. I’ve greatly missed the antics between Janus and Rins, so I was pleased to hear them again. Also the various suggestions to what Eve likes were pretty funny. I laughed out loud at a couple. My personal favorite was Rins’ response “Sven.” It’s true though, and I liked Sven’s reaction. Next week, Eve and Sven pull a Nina and Sergey. Kidding. If that happens I’ll drop, even though next week is the second to last episode. Actually, it sounds like Creed will be back next week. That should be fun.

Since you probably can't tell, that green thing is the snake Is the bread confusing or something? Kyoko is contented to spend more time with Kuro-sama Janus is doomed

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