Episode 11:

There’s a love letter writing contest being held and the prize is a giant chocolate heart. Mamoru doesn’t get the big deal, but every girl in town entered it. One night, Mamoru reads Yuuna’s letter and finds it to be pretty ridiculous. However, Yuuna wins. Hotaru and Yamame fed some of the entries to a goat, but I don’t think that changed things much because there was a ton left. After the contest, Yuuna decides to give Mamoru her prize and her letter. Mamoru turns it down, saying that he doesn’t like Belgian chocolate and that their relationship isn’t like that. Yuuna starts to cry and runs off, but gets hit by a car. It turns out that she only broke her arm, but Mamoru is upset because it was his fault. To make things worse, Mamoru’s father tells him that he’s getting replaced as Yuuna’s protector. He has to go back to train. Mamoru fights his replacement, Hinomori Tasuke, and is easily defeated. He’s got no choice but to go, however he’s allowed one more day with Yuuna. On this day, they walk home from school holding hands like when they were kids.

Things are developing really well here. I love it when humor shows try to be serious. They really can’t do it but they’re still enjoyable because it adds plot to things. Some of this episode again made me think of Ranma. A love letter writing contest seems like something that they’d pull in that series, except then it would be an anything goes martial arts love letter writing contest. Anyway, I’ll get back to this series. The ending of this episode was really sad. Mamoru’s farewell was simple but touching. The whole car crash thing amused me. That seems to be a trend lately, years after the infamous scene in Kiminozo. It’s been done recently on Jigoku Shoujo, Canvas 2, and now this. As I’ve already watched the episode after this, I’ve got nothing else to say.

Yuuna's pretty serious about this contest Ninja cooking, complete with shoujo sparkles The transition here looks really stupid, but it's worth it for chibi Mamoru and Yuuna

Episode 12:

Yuuna, who believes Tasuke is Mamoru, is now involved in a relationship with him. It’s revealed in Mamoru’s home that there’s been a bit of a conspiracy. The Hinomori tribe, in which Tasuke comes from, hates the Kagemori tribe. The car accident that Yuuna was involved in was no accident. Now Yuuna is in danger again and Tasuke is after a secret scroll. At Mamoru’s house, Yuuna realizes that Tasuke isn’t Mamoru and pushes him away. Then Mamoru shows up so Tasuke knock Yuuna out and forces Mamoru to give him the scroll. However, Tsubaki, Yamame and Hotaru show up to take Yuuna away while Mamoru fights Tasuke, The Tasuke he was fighting turns out to be fake and the real one defeats the girls to capture Yuuna again. Mamoru shows up to fight him again but loses again. Yuuna begins to cry, upset at herself for not realizing the whole time that this person wasn’t Mamoru. Mamoru is given the strength to fight again and the girls return. Tasuke is finally defeated. Yuuna tells Mamoru that she’s going to protect him too now. However, she winds up tripping over a banana peel and forgets everything that happen this day. She continues her relationship with Mamoru though, who’s now back for good.

Well, the ending was a bit cheap but I suppose it was fitting. I’m going to believe that Mamoru and Yuuna’s relationship is now romantic rather then friendly, because while she did forget this event, I don’t think she forgot the whole love letter thing. I’m glad that they’re together, but I do feel bad for the other girls. I was kind of rooting for Tsubaki. It’s also kind of sad that Airi was barely in this final story as well. She’s a favorite character of mine, so I wish she had more involvement. I’m glad that Tasuke was defeated. He was quite the prick, messing with Yuuna’s heart. In all, I was pleased with this series. I decided to watch it because it looked like it would be fun and it proved to be just that. It wasn’t epic or thought provoking, but since I didn’t expect that, I’m perfectly contented with what I got. The ending was pretty open, so that makes a second season possible. That would be fun, but I doubt it would happen.
If something looks cool, no comment necessary I'm not surprised that Yuuna's mad... because this guy sucks See comment on picture 1

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