Aruto is looking at the moon, but doesn’t seem to notice the rabbit flying by it. He’s distracted by Kiraha though, who he’s promised to spend the next day with. Kiraha’s decided it’s a date. That has to wait though, because the keys around their necks start to glow and they’re sucked inside Aruto’s book. The Alice twins tell them that they have to save their world and then the two are separated. Aruto meets Arisu again. Kiraha winds up landing on top of an Alice historian named (seriously) Jack, who was attacking Kisa. Kisa’s pleased to see Kiraha of course. They eventually meet up again with Aruto and Arisu. It’s then time to begin their mission. With the help of the Alice Historian Moyu, they head to the fortress and meet various strange opponents. At a point, they’re helped by Akane. When they finally reach the fortress though, Jack stops them and uses vines to send them all back. To get Moyu to launch her arm all the way to the castle, Kiraha screams at the top pf her lungs that she really hates Aruto. Once they cross the bridge, she tells him that she was lying and actually loves him very much. Now they’re left with entering the castle. The girls use their keys, but there’s one key hole left. Aruto tries his key, but realizes that he can’t transform. Luckily, Kirika shows up. She was eaten earlier, but an Alice historian saved her. Now they can get inside. All their former opponents are here to fight them though. However, they all seem to have back problems so they lose. Takion and Riddel are now free though, so Takion gives them all roses as presents (while singing -_-;) As things turn out, this was just a dream of Kiraha’s. Aruto was reading her a story and she fell asleep. Aruto takes her to her bed and tucks her in. She says that she loves Aruto in her sleep.

That was weird. I had no clue what the heck was happening throughout this episode and it seemed pretty pointless, but it all made sense in the end. For once, an episode being a dream actually made it better. I was definitely enjoying it in the first place, but the fact that this was Kiraha’s dream made it make a lot more sense. Also, it was kind of sad. It was nice to see everyone happy together again and it seems that in Kiraha’s subconscious, she wanted that too. One thing that I found pleasing is that this served as a nice wrap up as well as a fun, weird thing. It shows that Kiraha and Aruto have moved on and are back to a normal kind of life. Aruto’s still a little angsty though. Kiraha seems quite contented that she’s got a chance with Aruto again. As much as I’d prefer an Aruto/Arisu and Kiraha/Kisa ending, I don’t think that has much of a chance of happening now and I’m willing to accept Aruto and Kiraha as a couple. If this were 26 episodes, then maybe they’d develop their life afterwards a bit more, but it’s not, so I’m left to fanaticize. Oh well. I had more fun with this series then I ever thought, so I can accept a vague, open ending. I definitely want the manga to be releases in the US, because that supposedly provides development and information on the other Alice Historians. They all got pretty screwed in the anime, but they certainly look like interesting characters. Well, that’s all I’ve got to say about this. I’m going to miss Eikyuu Alice Rondo, especially Kisa-chan and her yuri antics, desu no.

The weirdness begins Dream Kisa is just like the real one Haven't seen Akane for a while Funniest scene

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