In the water, Hajime and Tsugumi get to see Ai and Sentarou’s past. Sentarou used to protect Ai when other kids picked on her. They thought that she was an evil spirit. Sentarou got beat up on one occasion, which Ai was resentful for. Soon, Ai and Sentarou learn that Ai was one of the girls selected to be sacrificed to the mountain god. Ai’s parents tell Sentarou to protect Ai. He agrees to do so, but while he helps Ai, bad things happen in the village. One day, Ai and Sentarou are together, while Ai is bathing in the river. She comments that the moon looks beautiful and wishes things could stay this way forever. Sentarou suggests that maybe the two of them should leave the village together. Ai doesn’t really hear him though but it’s too late anyhow. The villagers show up and capture Ai. Sentarou is forced to watch as AI and her parents are beat and thrown into a grave. Sentarou is forced to bury Ai. He doesn’t want to, but it pressured to do so. Ai feels betrayed, saying that she believed in him. Soon others start to bury Ai, so Sentarouis able to run off. Later that night, Sentarou wakes up as Ai escapes her grave. He sees her burning down the village and runs away. In present time, Tsugumi says that she can’t understand Sentarou, but Hajime says that he can.

Another episode that I really loved. It’s almost impossible to watch this and not feel bad for Ai. I pity Sentarou as well though. He had to go through quite a lot of suffering himself. While I think that if he wanted to, he could have rebelled and not broken Ai’s trust, he was also concerned about his own life. There’s that and the fact that he had to choose between Ai and his father, who was one of the people most involved in the persecution of Ai. Anyway, I’m pleased that I now know why Ai is so strongly concerned with having her revenge on Sentarou. Not only did she swear revenge on everyone in the village, but her hate for Sentarou is very personal. It’s very sad to think that while the two could have been lovers, circumstances bought them so far apart. I’m such a sap for these things though. I’m anxiously awaiting next week’s conclusion now. Then it’ll be Tsugumi’s turn to get revenge, but on who?

I'm surprised they didn't drown So darned cuted The last survivor Ai on the boat to hell

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