I’ll be as breif as I can with this. Yeah, I’m getting a bit sick again. It’s becoming a rare thing when I’m actually healthy. *mumbles* Anyway, we meet a boy named Ikki who lives with four girls (Ringo, Mikan, Ume and Rika). Surprisingly, this isn’t a harem title. He’s also got a fascination with these flying roller skates called Air Trek. One day, he got into a fight and was beat up by members of a gang called the Skull Saders. Another thing proving that he’s an arrogant punk/stereotypical shounen-hero is when he tries to peek on the girls. He winds up failing, but he does somehow find some Air Trek skates and a decal reading “Sleeping Forrest.” He goes out with them, though he’s not very good at first. He somehow winds up at a place where a bunch of people doing Air Trek skating are hanging out, including his two friends, who are surprised to see him. He gets the attention of a girl named Lacus… I mean Simca there. However, the Skull Saders are there too. Luckily, the girls (minus Rika) show up and it turns out that they’re part of an Air Trek team called Sleeping Forrest. While they fight some members of SS, Ikki chases down the boss.

That was kind of cool. I’ve heard it was changed from the manga, but since I haven’t read it, I can’t say how well done it was. I’m not particularly big on shounen series, but this one seems to be unique enough for me. I like the skating bits and the animation, but I’ll admit I mostly want to see more of the character relationships. Ringo has an obvious thing for Ikki. Apparently they’re childhood friends, so I’m not surprised. It looks from the preview that she’s already getting jealous of Simca, who reminds me of Lacus (same seiyuu, pink hair.) I’ll certainly be rooting for her though, because she’s a kick-butt, angsty meganekko. Ume is pretty amusing too. She’s surprisingly violent for someone so cute and little. One thing about this show that I don’t care for is the music. Song-wise, the OP is terrible and the end is meh. I actually kind of like the ED “animation” though, which is live action footage as seen through the eyes of a skater. I’ll give this a few more episodes and see if I like it enough to follow.

I have glasses like those This show contains flying pink haired girls... and a stereotypical lead character... who dosn't care that he let the bad guy go since he's flying

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