Tsugumi and Hajime get separated so Ai can talk to Tsugumi personally. She shows Tsugumi a vision of what happened between her parents in the past. While in the vision, Hajime says that it wasn’t his fault, Ai tries to convince Tsugumi that her mother’s death was Hajime’s fault. She gives Tsugumi the Wanyuudo doll to use on Hajime, though Tsugumi says that she doesn’t want it. It turns out that Hajime is now with Ren and Hone-Onna, who he talks with briefly. Ai brings Tsugumi’s mother to her and Tsugumi is forced to watch her suffer. This brings her closer to doing what Ai wants. However, Hajime, Ren and Hone-Onna show up. AI attacks her associates and Tsugumi pushes Hajime away. Hajime is confused so Ai shows him the vision as well. Hajime breaks down crying, admitting that this really was his fault. He’s willing to let Tsugumi send him to hell. Tsugumi calls him an idiot and uses the doll to hit him. She truly loves Hajime and would never do that. She returns the doll to Ai, telling her again that she doesn’t want it. Tsugumi also says that Sentarou always loved Ai. Ai is touched to learn this and starts to cry. She transports everyone to the shrine and destroys it, ending her vengeance. Hajime and Tsugumi then return safely. Ai continues her job, visiting a new girl who summons her to deliver the straw doll.

The ending was well done here. While I loved this series as a whole, I unfortunately must say that it was very flawed. The thing that most disappointed me about the ending is that everything still wasn’t explained. I wanted to know the background behind Ai’s associates. I really, really wanted a better explanation of why Tsugumi get’s visions from Ai, because just saying “she’s a descendant of Sentarou” doesn’t cut it for me. Instead of getting these answers though, we got too many one-shot revenge episodes. These episodes ranged from boring to spectacular, but even the best ones were still one-shots that didn’t help expand the main plot. Regardless, I can say that this was a worthwhile series. The characters were interesting and the concept, while it seemed almost too dark for me to handle at first, was at least inventive and intriguing. It was nice to have a happy ending for Hajime and Tsugumi, though I feel bad for Ai, since she’s still forced into her job. At least she has her past now.

I hate when subs that I can't even read cover up my angst Ai has a rather sad ending... but at least Tsugumi's happy Seems like the Jigoku Tsuushin is still quite active

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