Komatsu Nana is moving to Tokyo to live with her boyfriend Souji, who got into a university there. On the train, she meets another girl, whom she sits next to. The other girl learns of Nana’s name when she’s on the phone with Souji. After the call is over, Nana explains that even though she has no money or real objective, she said that she’d go to Tokyo to be with Souji. Souji didn’t really want her to come though, due to her situation. While they talk, Nana gets them some beers and they have a toast. The other girl reveals that her name is also Nana. Once the train gets to Tokyo, Komatsu Nana runs up to Souji. To her surprise, she’s going to be living with him. The two spend the night together (what is with casual sex in Ai Yazawa series?) but by the time Nana wakes up in the morning, Souji is gone. Nana spends the day cleaning and cooking for Souji. He’s thankful for that, but upset with Nana for not looking for a job. The next day, Nana looks for an apartment. She finds one for 70,000 yen a month, which is too expensive for her. It’s on the 7th floor of a building, room 707. There, she meets up with the other Nana, who also wants the room. Komatsu Nana has to forcibly stop Oosaki Nana from buying it. Then the two make a deal. They’ll split the cost and both live there. For privacy, they’ll each get keys made. They shake hands and the deal is set.

I didn’t plan to watch this one, but since it got excellent reviews, I decided to give it a look and I’m glad I did. I’ve actually read the first chapter of the manga a while back. I thought it had good potential, but never had the desire to continue with it. It seems that the anime series isn’t starting from the beginning of the manga though, because I don’ remember any of this happening. The music in this series is great so far. The OP animation is a bit bland though. The ED looks pretty cool, but it’s rather unusual. I wonder what “Yellow Flower” means. Hopefully they’ll explain at some point in this series. Another thing I like about this is the art. Ai Yazawa’s art is pretty unique. At first I wasn’t too fond of it, but I find it quite pretty now. A problem with it being distinctively her though is that I half expect to see the Paradise Kiss characters in this. Actually, the anime is done by a different staff and it shows. The artwork looks a bit different. As for something related to the actual content of the episode, I question how well this rooming arrangement is going to work out. Komatsu Nana still needs a job, so even with her paying only half, I still don’t think she has the money. I could be wrong, but if not then she’d better get a job fast. One thing I found funny was the excessive use of 7’s in this episode. They’re probably taking advantage of the fact that Nana means seven.

Komatsu Nana seems quite cheerful While Oosaki Nana looks quite a bit darker Oh Souji, this show is as dull to cap as Paradise Kiss I love the money corrupted expression

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Souji = Shouji BTW.

Other than that, great review.

Comment by Anna 10.26.06 @ 2:41 am

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