Shirou is able to get free and he meets up with Rin, Archer and Saber when they arrive. The group tries to escape, but Ilya and Berserker are ready to fight them. Saber is still weak, so Archer has to fight Berserker. He asks Rin if it’s okay to kill Berserker and she says it is. Archer tells Shrou not to forget to imagine himself as the strongest. He then makes the ceiling cave in around himself, Berserker and Ilya so the others can get away. Rin leads them out, but seems worried about Archer. Archer and Berserker then begin a fight where Berserker is clearly winning. At a point, Archer remembers Shirou’s face. Soon, Archer is forced to use his engrishy special attack, Unlimited Blade Works. The three are then transported away and the attack is performed. Rin stops running. The symbol on her arm disappears. She seems upset (though the animators decided not to show you her face) but wants to keep moving. However, Saber collapses, so they don’t. While Archer was able to kill Berserker five times, that still wasn’t enough and Berserker returns. However, Archer was too weak and so he dies, disappearing Mai HiME style. The only thing that’s left is Rin’s pendant.

How terribly sad. This was an insanely well done episode, but a tragic one. I was very attached to Archer, so I wish he would’ve lived to the end. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be done in the proper preservation of the Fate story line. They did seem to incorporate some things from UBW here. They’ve thrown out many hints about Archer’s identity, including a couple in this episode. To avoid spoilers, I don’t want to say it. Even though Archer’s dead, they may still choose to reveal it later on in the series. I felt bad for Rin in this episode. Sure I can have my fantasies, but while she doesn’t really have a relationship with Archer, she is attached to him as a servant and she seemed very resentful to let Archer destroy himself. I do wonder why Archer had Rin’s pendant. It may just have something to do with Archer’s identity, but I’ll believe that he had it because he wanted it. Anyways, next week’s episode looks to contain the infamous mana-replenishing scene that so many fanboys love. I was unsure as to whether they were really allowed to show that on TV, but I guess they will be. It should certainly be interesting to watch.

Archer goes all out against Berserker... and tragedy results Poor Rin All that's left from Archer

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… I suspect it’s another ‘clue’ towards Archer’s identity, since you’ll recall where Rin left her pendant (and used it, for that matter). :D

Comment by Haesslich 04.08.06 @ 8:47 am

Archer supposedly killed Berserker 6 times, so it’s strange that Ilya said 5. I guess when Berserker miraculously recovered at the end, that was actually him dying a 6th time. Maybe he chose to die once more so that he would recover quickly and be able to go after Shirou and co.

Comment by cclragnarok 04.08.06 @ 10:10 am

Archer still lives on… literally, and his alter ego probably will develop to be worthy of the Archer mantle in the series, so a relationship with Rin X Archer isn’t impossible in spirit at least

Comment by conrath 04.11.06 @ 12:36 am

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