Flonne collapses and the dinosaur disappears before Laharl can even fight it. She begs him to help her find the pendant and says she’ll do anything. A girl then shows up and immediately gives Laharl a suggestion. She introduces herself as Etna the Black Rose. After Laharl and Flonne explain their situation, she sides with Laharl and goes off with him. Meanwhile, Jennifer shows off the pendant to Gordon, but is soon forced to give it up as an angel shows up and wows them. They seem contented to let him have it. Meanwhile, a mysterious being shows up to help Flonne. During Laharl and Etna’s journey, Laharl decides to stop to eat. He expects Etna, as his subordinate to cook for him. Instead, she summons a bunch of penguins called Prinny’s to do the work. The angel with the pendant decides to use it for himself. He’s surprised when it starts to burn his hand and he drops it. Soon, Gordon, Jennifer and Thrusday show up to attack Laharl again. Even though Thursday was turned into a laser canon, Laharl is too preoccupied by his food to care. Anyway, Flonne shows up and makes a shield, so the laser bounces off and hits the spaceship, sending it flying away. Laharl is annoyed to see Flonne again, but this time Flonne’s bought that guy with her, who plans to defend her and destroy Laharl. Much to his dislike, he’s dubbed Mid-boss. Suddenly, the pendant falls from the sky and Mid-boss gets it. Flonne begs for it back and warns him of what will happen if he tries to use it. However, nothing does happen. Laharl attacks him and the ground caves in. He’s able to grab on with his foot, but the pendant falls toward the lava. Laharl catches it with his cape and returns it. The group is ready to go off now, as Flonne insists on coming too.

What nut job writes this show? It’s a blast to watch, but some of the dialogue is completely absurd, so it took me about an hour just to watch the episode. I’m sure I missed things too, because I didn’t try and translate every single thing. Well anyway, what I got out of this craziness I liked. Mid-boss is a nut. Hopefully he died falling into the lava. His character type totally annoys me. Seeing him on the ED makes me worry though. He’ll probably be like the space freaks, showing up every episode to be annoying. Unlike Mid-boss though, I’m not bothered so much by those three. They’re actually somewhat amusing. Etna definitely fits under what I’d call amusing. She’s quite loyal to Laharl at the moment, even referring to him as “your highness,” yet she seems like the type who would turn on him in an instant if it served her interests. It’s shown that she’s not willing to do anything for him, but that’s what the Prinnys are for. I saw on some site a Prinny plushie the other day and I’d like to get myself one. They’re pretty cute.

Etna is funny... thus I like her... and the Prinnys too... but this guy sucks

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