Shirou and Rin take Saber to a shelter that Archer had found. Shirou asks Rin about Archer. She pretends not to care about him, since he was conceited, but says that they’ll have to avenge his death. Rin tells Shirou that he’ll have to replenish Saber’s magic circuit. When he agrees to do so, Rin kisses him. Shirou is surprised, but Rin tells him that it’s for preparation. Then she goes onto the bed with Saber and gets her ready by untying her shirt. Shirou goes onto the bed where Rin was and Rin starts to chant something. Shirou’s spirit then enters Saber’s body. He gets attacked by a dragon, which bites his arm off. Once Shirou gets eaten, he finds Saber. The next day, they go off after Berserker. Rin goes up into a tree to prepare a sneak attack. Shirou uses a tree branch to create a bow. He tells Saber not to use her Noble Phantasm, which she agrees upon. Soon, Ilya and Berserker shows up. Ilya tells Berserker to kill everyone. Saber and Berserker fight, with Berserker having the upper hand. Shirou then creates an arrow and fires it at Berserker, but it does nothing to him. Rin soon jumps down from the tree, firing at Berserker. She freezes one of his arms and blows him up by throwing her jewels at him. Still having one arm, he manages to grab her in the process. Having several lives, he recovers just fine. Ilya explains Berserkers lives (he still has 7/12) and the fact that Berserker is now using his Noble Phantasm, God Hand. He starts to crush Rin.

New OP is boring. Actually, the song and animation are both quite good. The problem is, they somehow don’t work well together. Poor choreographing? Oh well. I’ve been beginning to think that the excellent first OP, while being awesome, simply didn’t fit anymore. It worked well with the earlier portions of the series. But things are changing now so the OP needed to be changed too. Even though he’s gone, it was nice to see Archer in the OP. At least the episode was enjoyable. I see the mana transferring scene didn’t go as it originally went. No Rin x Saber sex scene. I guess my gut instinct that they wouldn’t be able to show that on TV was correct after all. Instead, they had Shirou do it and showed no actual sex. I’m really not bothered by this, but I’m sure others were quite annoyed by this change. I really hope Berserker dies soon. He’s seriously starting to get annoying. Maybe if he had more of a personality he’d be more interesting, but now he’s just a random psycho who never even speaks. Plus, he’s hideous. Hopefully next weeks will be Berserkers last. The preview showed nothing but fighting against him. Shirou and Saber were a bit bloody, but at least that means they’re trying.

It's not what you think Cool looking Saber shot... this episode had a lot of them Shirou gets to play Archer Now did we really need so many Berserker close-ups this week?

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Yes!!!! the moment we have been waiting for.

“SEX”……aherm, i mean “SAD” scene for all fans

With regards,
Im disappointed

p.s: i hate it, especially the ugly dragon

Comment by Archer is mine 04.15.06 @ 12:04 pm

I was admittedly curious about the sex scene, but I didn’t mind that they left it out because I’m not really into yuri. I’m fine with it, but I don’t go looking for it. I guess that’s what I get for being a straight girl.

I didn’t get the dragon at all. It seemed rather pointless, though it was funny to see Shirou’s arm get bit off.

Comment by TL-chan 04.15.06 @ 3:37 pm

>No Rin x Saber sex scene. Instead, they had Shirou do it and showed no actual sex.

uhh, you are aware that the actual scene is a threesome, and the sex is very much Shirou’s resposibility, right?

Comment by witness 04.16.06 @ 3:29 am

umm, the actual scene is a threesome, and the sex is Shirou’s responsibility.

Comment by witness 04.16.06 @ 3:34 am

I’m sort of aware. I was very much confused by how it worked, but I saw that it was Shirou who woke up with Saber in the morrning and nothing explicit was physically shown. Thanks for telling me.

Comment by TL-chan 04.16.06 @ 6:15 am

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