Note that my brain is turned off in every way. Read the bottom part for more details. Seeing as how I somehow forgot my gym locker combo today, I’m fully prepared to fail my Spanish test tomorrow, since it’s based on memorizing the long thing I had to write today. XP

Flonne rants on about flowers in heaven. Both Etna and Flonne are getting on Laharl’s nerves. Everyone goes to this freaky museum of sorts. Laharl decides to go to sleep on a “bed” there, threatening the Prinnys so they allow it. Flonne starts pressing buttons, spinning it around to Etna’s dismay. Laharl manages to sleep through this, but wakes up when the Prinnys are showing Etna wanted posters for Laharl. She convinces him that they’re nothing, so he goes back to sleep and Flonne joins him. It turns out that Etna is plotting against Laharl so she can rule. That night, the angel from last week shows up, but Etna traps him in a seashell-esque thing. In the morning, things get freaky. Flonne is Etna and Etna is Flonne. Madness ensues. The Prinnys are uncomfortable with this change. Laharl is somewhat suspicious. Gordon and co. fail to help him solve things, so eventually Mid-boss has to help him. He has the Prinnys throw Etna and Flonne through a door, but they take him as well. There they all start to suffer by experiencing haunting visions. Laharls troubles soon become real though. They’re able to overcome these problems and escape, but they’ve all switched bodies again.

Sorry for the lack of detail. I’ve been extremely out of it all day and my lack of concentration hasn’t subsided. I wanted to focus and what I got out of this amused me quite a bit, but sadly I’ve gotten nothing more really. A lot went on in this week’s episode. I was right in that Mid-boss would be back and I see that the angel was back as well. If they keep up this pattern of characters showing up each week, the cast will be huge by the end. Well anyway, I’m a fan of body swapping, so I found it fun to watch the Flonne and Etna role reverse. They were quite ridiculous, but what isn’t in this show?

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