Shouji finds Hachi (I guess I’ll call Komatsu Nana that for now, to simplify my life when they’re both on screen) at a concert. Afterwards, he questions Hachi’s obsession with the DJ, but she assures him that he’s not the type of guy she’d like to get involved with. Hachi comments that Shouji sounds like Junko and Shouji feels as if he’s just Junko’s replacement. When the two see Junko and Kyousuke again, they discuss their summer plans. Hachi and Souji both want to go to the sea. When they’re there, Hachi suggest that she rooms with Shouji so that Junko and Kyousuke can have their own room. There are two beds, after all. Shouji isn’t happy about this. He says that for guys, it’s alright to sleep with girls that they’re not involved with. He’ll do what Hachi says for now though. Happily, Hachi sings to him, which annoys Shouji. The next day, Junko reveals that she and Kyousuke are moving to Tokyo. This upsets Hachi, but Junko is set on studying art in Tokyo and won’t change her mind. Hachi wants to go too, especially after learning that Shouji might study in Tokyo. The problem is, her parents won’t pay for a community college. She has to get into a university. Hachi studies hard, but fails to get into any university is Tokyo. While walking with Shouji later, Hachi discusses getting an apartment and a part time job to support herself, but Shouji comments that this still won’t pay for rent. Hachi is upset at Shouji for not being more sympathetic, but Shouji is still annoyed at her for messing with his feelings with her male friend thing. He leaves and Hachi is left crying. Asano finds her. Shouji goes back to Junko and Kyousuke. Junko is angry upon hearing his story. Meanwhile, Hachi spends time with Asano and feels as if maybe he did love her. She even learns that Asaso was his real name. Feeling better, she leaves him, telling him to stop cheating on his wife. Hachi soon gets a call from Kyousuke, saying that Shouji and Junko are searching for her. Shouji really loved her. Hachi realizes that she loved Shouji but was too caught up in her past to focus on that.

I’m surprised by how much I enjoyed this episode. It was a really nice twist to have Asano come back. Last week I thought of him as the villain, but seeing him now, I don’t think he was really so bad. Having Hachi meet him again was good in that she was able to tie up their relationship and move on. I kind of hope things work out for her and Shouji now, but I can’t see that happening. Their relationship in the first episode didn’t seem particularly stable. While Hachi may be in love with him, Shouji didn’t seem to care too much about her. I could be wrong, but that’s just my thought of the moment. It looks like next week the series is going to shift to the other Nana’s backstory. Hachi’s doesn’t really seem complete, so I guess for now they’re leaving it to the viewers to fill in the blanks or read the manga. Maybe they don’t have enough time to fit all the manga material in or something. Well anyway, I’m interested to learn more about the other Nana. Hopefully she’ll have some angst too.

This just looked cute Poor Shouji It surprises me that I actually like this guy Everyone loves a good angst shot

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