While fighting Berserker, Shirou is able to materialize Saber’s blade. He chops off Berserker’s arm, freeing Rin, but the blade snaps. He can create another one though, so it’s alright. He and Saber team up and with an awesome-looking combo attack finally kill Berserker. The next morning, before being woken up by Saber, Shirou has a dream of Saber’s past again. Saber isn’t too pleased to see Ilya under the covers too. During breakfast, Shirou, Saber and Rin discuss what to do with Ilya now. Rin is still mad at her for killing Archer. Their biggest concern is that she’s still a master. She could just get another servant and attack them again. However, Ilya comes and tells them that she’s always been Berserker’s master and doesn’t want another Servant. She says that if Shirou is defeated she’ll take Saber though. However, Saber doesn’t want to be her Servant, so things are pretty much settled. They also decide to let Ilya live with them, so she happily clings onto Shirou. Later on, Shirou discovers that Ilya and Saber can get along. He also discovers Saber naked once again. This time Saber reacts differently and Shirou has to leave. Shirou goes to talk to Rin about his new materializing ability. Rin thinks that the sheath rather than the sword made King Arthur strong. Later on, Shirou talks to Saber about the dream. He thought that he was seeing Saber’s dream, but Saber replies that it was actually his dream because Servants can’t dream. Meanwhile, Caster, Assassin and a teacher named Kuzuki Souichirou are seen. They’re after Sakura.

Aside from the first part, this wasn’t the most interesting of episodes. I wouldn’t call it bad though. Mostly, this was about the developing relationship between Shirou and Saber. Saber is clearly becoming more feminine. She doesn’t think of herself as being sexless anymore, which was displayed by the bath scene. She was also quite jealous of Ilya. This makes me wonder if she’ll start to get jealous of Rin and Sakura. My favorite part this week was the Shirou/Saber combo attack. I happen to love things like that. It was also interesting to see Shirou create the swords. Very similar to Archer’s power. Next week’s episode should be interesting, as it looks like we’ll finally get to see Caster do something. She’s been pretty boring so far. I watched the new OP again this week and I’m still not too fond of it. I’m hoping that it will grow on me at least a little bit.

Shirou has suddenly become kick-butt Double Shining Finger! For some reason, I can't think of a caption for this Caster is skilled at doing absolutely nothing

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The OP has force, but lacks weight.

Comment by Eleutheria 04.22.06 @ 3:30 pm

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