Nao rushes to Shuhei, upset about his non-existent injury. The group decides to come up with a new plan. Nao finds a terrorist in a puddle of blood, but notices that he’s somehow still alive. She’s going to take him to the infirmary. Kazuhiko researches Hallarax’s (the terrorist group) weapons and learns that they can nuke the earth. The remaining Aries crew decides to prepare rations and Yu volunteers to help. Shuhei is still suspicious of her and comments that they don’t even know her name, so he dubs her “Rocket Chest Girl.” She’s not pleased with this, but doesn’t want to give them her name. Before they split up, Ryouta asks Shuhei to take care of Nao, because she’s most worried about him. Shuhei comes to see her and Nao flashes back to a time where Shuhei and Ryota helped her save a bird and showed her their secret base. During that time, the terrorist in the infirmary melts into a moving puddle. Shuhei prepares to shoot it, but it disappears. Later, Shuhei finds Yu engaged in studying bugs on the ship. He questions this and calls her by her nickname again, which gets her annoyed enough to reveal that her real name is Yu. Sayaka calls them both into the control room, where Kazuhiko found a distress signal. Sayaka hopes it’s from Aya. Shuhei uses a weird mecha thing to locate the call and it leads him to the butler and Aki. While looking for Aya, they got locked in a room. He takes them back and the butler delivers the bad news that he still hasn’t located Aya. It’s also revealed that Aki is Kazuhiko’s sister and they immediately start bickering. They seem to be enjoying it too. Meanwhile, the terrorists plan to attack again. Karen wants revenge on Shuhei.

Wow, they managed to give some plot this weak. The first three episodes, even the action-packed third one, seemed kind of pointless. This one had a lot of weirdness to it, which went over quite well with me. I’ll probably be wrong, but at the moment I suspect that the Hallarax are aliens. For one, they can melt into hostile liquid like that guy in the infirmary did. Also, they have superior weapons. If my theory that Yu is with them is correct, then that only gives me more reason. She seemed fascinated by the bugs, which isn’t something a normal human would be interested in. Yu was cute in this episode though. It was nice to see her actually do something. Shuhei seems to like teasing her and the results are funny. This series continues to be predictable, as anybody could’ve guessed that Aki was Kazuhiko’s sister. They’ve got the same last name and looked to be around the same age. Next week looks like it will be about their back story. That could be interesting. Please give Yu’s back story next!

Aww... chibi Nao! The terrorist is melting Yu goes dere-dere The poor butler dosn't know the danger of getting caught up in their fight

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