Tousukuru stands up to the invaders, but Nuwangi just taunts her. Aruru gets mad and throws a rock. She also sends her tiger out. It knocks Sasante down, but one of his soldiers hits it out of the way. One guy goes after Aruru with a sword, but Tousukuru jumps in the way. Sasante and his people are surprised by this and leave, though Nuwangi lags behind, watching Eruru. Later, Eruru and Aruru look after Tousukuru. She’s clearly dying, which upsets them. She explains to them that the person Eruru was named after was her older sister. She also tells Hakuoro to take care of the girls. She then dies. Devastated, Eruru and Aruru cry. Hakuoro talks to Oboro about this, who decides to get revenge. He goes to their base, then assaults several guards. The others are too terrified to do anything, so they let him inside. However, he winds up getting captured. At the village, Teoro makes Hakuoro the new village chief, so he prepares everyone for battle. Oboro’s servants inform them of the danger Oboro is in, so they go to rescue him. Meanwhile, Benaui allows Oboro to go free. Hakuoro faces Sasante and uses his tessen to stab him. This reminds him of the destruction caused by Mutikapa and saddens him. Nuwangi runs away from the battle, blaming Hakuoro for their loss and Sasante’s death. Hakuoro tells the villagers that now more people will come to try and kill them. They have no real choice but to fight. Eruru shows up and sings to the exhausted Hakuoro.

That was just great in so many ways. I did not expect Tousukuru’s death. I probably should’ve, since while a major character I don’t believe she’s on the OP. I might be wrong though, because this is taken from memory. I don’t mind her dying, since I still constantly forget her name and have to keep referencing old posts. She was a good character though, so I’m sad in those respects. I’m not sure as to whether Sasante is dead. It looked as if he was on the preview, but after what happened to him, I’d like to believe that this was a flashback or something. Hakuoro’s tessen has proved quite useful so far. Hopefully it won’t become an all powerful weapon that can kill anyone or anything. Oboro was such an idiot this week. I understand why Hakuoro was mad at him. If he keeps doing such reckless things, he could get himself and others killed. I really like him and don’t want to see him die due to his own idiocy. Speaking of Oboro, I wonder why Benaui helped him this week. Last week Benaui beat him up, so I rightfully find that odd. I wonder if he’s all bad. I might’ve said the same about Nuwangi, but he just had to go insane in the end. It looked like he was going to try and help Tousukuru for a minute toward the beginning. Of course he didn’t and that’s because he’s a jerk. I’m definitely awaiting his death. I’d have to say one of my favorite scenes this week was Aruru standing up to Sasante and Nuwangi. Admittedly her tiger cub did most of the work, but it’s great to see that she’s not useless. Eruru on the other hand just may be useless. Characters who don’t actually fight usually get nowhere in a show involving war. It’s not necessary that she fight at the moment, but who knows about later on… save for those who have played the game. ^_^; Darn it, I want spoilers!

Aruru rocks! You're still too cute to be threatning Props for being a pretty and kickbutt moron, but you're still a moron Nuwangi has gone psycho

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