A girl called the Seirei no Miko (lets just call her Spirit priestess) has been praying to the oracle for help every day. Meanwhile, Hunter and Ignus are duking it out in a practice swordfight. Lumen seems just as unenthused as me about it, complaining that they do this every day. Soon he’s given a message though of a new mission. Hunter can’t wait to go out and is about to go alone, but Lumen orders for him to take Corona and Ignus. Corona calls out Venus and Ignus calls Flame and they leave. They stop in a field of flowers and Hunter shows signs of attraction in Corona. Ignus informs them that they don’t have the time to sit around now, so they investigate the village, which seems pretty empty. They wind up breaking into a house where they find a terrified girl. She tells them that (obviously) the Insectors were there. The girl takes them to a cave and tells them some things about protecting the flowers. They enter the cave and find some villagers inside. Strangely, Corona and Ignus find some flowers growing in the dark. However, they flower spits something out at them and they become hypnotized. The two attack Hunter, but Shadow has a plan to stop them. He notices some sort of light that keeps reflecting off of Corona’s jewels. Hunter jumps up and makes more light, returning them to normal. When they leave, they find that the girl was really an Insector. After a long henshin scene, they fight begins. Hunter at a point gets upset about all the flowers being destroyed, but Shadow yells at him and they keep fighting. He creates a giant web to trap all of the little bugs. The Insector girl flees. As Hunter and co. leave. Hunter thinks again about Corona in the flowers.

That was fun. It really seems like this series is covering things too quickly. I wish it would take a slightly slower pace, being that it’s such a high episode count. Another character was introduced, who is calling for help for some reason. I wonder why she’s not doing anything herself, since it’s obvious from the preview that she’s a Spider Rider. It seems as if she’s bad though. She’s now in the bad guys base and they don’t seem to be fighting against her. I guess she could be captured or something, but the bad guys don’t seem to be idiots and if she was a Spider Rider, they’d probably want to kill her. Also, in the preview she looks like she’s fighting against Hunter and co. Maybe she’s an enemy Spider Rider. I didn’t think of that possibility before. It’s strange for a priestess to be an enemy though. I find it interesting that Hunter and Corona both have feelings for each other already. In both cases it seems to only be a crush, but still, this is episode 4. As one last thought, it’s so darned obvious that Sparkle and Lumen are siblings. I can’t believe I didn’t figure that out until they said it. They’re both in royalty and they look similar. I’m clueless.

Mysterious new girl Lumen now has the task of dealing with Hunter... poor kid The insectors are quite good at disguise

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prince lumen is sooo cute

Comment by flay 05.14.06 @ 12:25 pm

Yes, he is. ^_^

Comment by TL-chan 05.15.06 @ 3:25 pm

Who’s the girl with brown hair and the girl with
Black hair tell me what they do i know the girl
with brown is mean tell me if it’s true alright.

Comment by Chrissy 05.15.06 @ 10:04 pm

I don’t know either of their names. The brown haired girl is definitely evil. Actually, she’s an Insector in disguise. The black haired one (looks purple to me) is working with the bad guys but it seems as if she’s not all bad. She’s already been established to be human.

Comment by TL-chan 05.16.06 @ 5:14 am

Hunter is so Cute? ^-^

Comment by Chrissy 05.16.06 @ 4:33 pm

True. Secretly, cute shoutas are part of the reason I watch this.

Comment by TL-chan 05.17.06 @ 5:03 am

Now i know Lumen’s spider name is Ebony.

Comment by Chrissy 05.19.06 @ 3:44 pm

I’d like to become a Spider Rider! Anyone who also wants to be one, leave a comment!

Comment by Kathleen 06.29.06 @ 2:48 am

Im a Spider Rider! My spider is Venus! :)

Comment by Corona 06.30.06 @ 3:41 pm

I like to be a spider rider. Hunter and princeLumen are so cute.I like princess Sparkle so my spider is Hotarla.

Comment by Sol 07.01.06 @ 4:56 pm

how do u become a spider rider

Comment by brittany 07.08.06 @ 11:56 am

I think Hunter may actually be starting to develop a crush on Corona. I’ve been trying to find some online Spider Riders fanfics myself, especially ones on Corona and Hunter, but I haven’t found any. If you see any or have any, would you tell me.

Comment by Matt Gross 07.10.06 @ 4:31 pm

Just watched the first episode of Spider Riders….looks good although very cheesy…
Can’t wait any Hunter/Corona fanfics though! *cries*

Comment by Rin 07.29.06 @ 5:05 pm

I’m a Spider Rider too!

Comment by magicmaster816 08.17.06 @ 9:29 pm

My spider’s name is Aqua. ^_^

Comment by magicmaster816 08.17.06 @ 9:30 pm

I totaly agree with Matt Gross and Rin!I’m a BIG Corona/Hunter fan myself. Their awesome together!Hunter the big-shot and Corona the mature one!^-^Corona is fav character from Spider Riders and Hunter is 2nd one. I loved this episode. I saw on a website once there was episode 48 called Corona’s Love!I can’t wait!I hope Corona and Hunter will admit their feelings to eachother!!Corona’Hunter-Lovers:Have you seen the new Spider Riders Ending Theme Song?It’s about Corona and slight Aqunne. Go to wwww.youtube.com to see it.

Comment by Corona 10.08.06 @ 1:00 pm

Corona/Hunter are perfect for eachother!!right? on the last episode(episode 51)do you think Hunter Steele will go back to the outer World(the crust of the Earth) or stay in the Inner World?I hope Hunter will stay in Arachna with Corona.

Comment by Corona 10.08.06 @ 1:04 pm

Corona/Hunter Steele!!I write fanfictions about them! They are the best. On the last episode(episode 51)do you think Hunter will return to the Outer World or stay in the Inner World?

Comment by Corona 10.08.06 @ 1:07 pm

@Corona- I expect that Hunter will stay. It would be nice to see Hunter and Corona get together. I’m mostly rooting for Buguese/Aqune though. It’s far more plausable in the Japanese versioon than the English version though, due to the dialogue changes.

Comment by TL-chan 10.08.06 @ 7:44 pm

lik i love this show!But i liv in the u s and the seris stoped on episode 11!this sucks!so i TRY to find out more![i dont have cable either!Not 2 b rud but please dont email me,not mine![PLEASE]

Comment by puppyface 10.09.06 @ 7:55 pm

In spider riders,Hunter and Corona were sooooo made for each other…*sigh*….I talk WAAAAAY to much! (again please don’t e-mail me…not 2 b rude)

Comment by puppyface 10.09.06 @ 9:11 pm

What other channels does it come on?If you could tell me i would appritiate alot!

Comment by bb/puppyface 10.15.06 @ 3:18 pm

@bb/puppyface- It’s not on in the US at the moment (or Japan either.) The only country where it’s not on hiatus is Canada. However, episodes 1-26 are on You Tube in both English and Japanese, if you want them.

Comment by TL-chan 10.16.06 @ 2:32 pm

Thanks tl-chan…I appritiate it alot!…But that really STINKS.Thanks again!

Comment by bb/puppyface 10.16.06 @ 3:43 pm

I love the pictures you posted Tl-chan!^-^

Comment by bb/puppyface 10.16.06 @ 3:45 pm

I just came from you tube!It’s cool…but I wish I got to see yhe whole thing instead of just 9 minutes.Still thanks TL-chan!

Comment by bb/puppyface 10.17.06 @ 5:34 pm

I hope Corona and Hunter stay together.When I get caught up(from summer hiatus)I hope to see a bigger spark between them than the first 11 episodes.They go together great,but they just don’t express anything in the show.

Comment by bb/puppyface 10.18.06 @ 7:24 pm

i feel sorry for aqune. All she does is kneel down and repeat the SAAAAAAAAAME things over and OOOVER again. BOOOORing.

Comment by Vicky 02.15.07 @ 5:34 pm

@Vicky- XD yes. Aqune can get boring, but she’s still somehow my favorite charatcer.

Comment by TL-chan 02.16.07 @ 10:32 am

hey i was just looking at Beerain closly (for the very first time) and it seems like she’s wearing a mask and so is buguese. THe masks look like Aqune’s. I think its some Invectid clothing or something, but maybe they are controled by Mantid! Naw…don’t think so, but that would be so unexpected if that were true, but i highly doubt it.

Comment by Vicky 03.16.07 @ 9:11 am

@Vicky- Yes, I have noticed that. I’m pretty sure they just have normal masks, but I have wondered to myself before, if maybe they aren’t.

Comment by TL-chan 03.17.07 @ 8:49 pm

Well, they can’t be being controlled by Mantid. Beerain lost faith in him, so why would Mantid control her to do that? Buguese said he would “Deal with Mantid” (YAY!) so why would Mantid control him to do that!

Comment by Vicky 03.18.07 @ 8:40 am

@Vicky- Oh, I know that now. Just saying that the thought had crossed my mind in the past.

Comment by TL-chan 03.18.07 @ 12:40 pm

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