It turns out that the tank is actually Buccha, the Night King. Kazu and Onigiri are able to escape by darting into a building. Unfortunately, people are there who beat them up. Buccha pins Kazu to a wall and nearly snaps his neck. The two girls from last week are upset about what happens and call Ikki. Ikki goes to see his two friends in the hospital. They’re badly hurt, but they left for him a note and their Air Treks. Ikki uses parts from them on his Air Trek. Ringo shows Ikki a map of the school, which he’s going to need to do a trick pass against Buccha. He has to play on Buccha’s level since he’s in a higher class, E-Class. Once Ikki and Buccha meet for their match, they plan to race to a statue. Ikki puts his Air-Treks on the line for Buccha’s emblem. It’s time for Ikki’s first Parts War match. Ringo watches them and a man named Spitfire shows up. She asks if he was sent by Simca, but he denies it. They basically give a play-by-play as Ikki and Buccha race. Eventually, Buccha gets ready for one of his ultimate moves. Ikki tries to go high enough to reach him, but winds up falling. However, he’s somehow caught by Kazu and Onigiri in spirit form, since his Air Trek has parts from their’s. Ikki grabs onto a pole and makes it to safety. As it turns out, Spitfire must’ve spoke to Simca, since he thinks to himself that SImca was right about Ikki’s wings. Ikki starts to get the upper hand, since his Air Treks have better traction thanks to their new parts. They approach the statue and Ikki is pleased that Buccha won’t be able to fit through the small gap. However, Buccha can shift his body fat, much to Ikki’s horror.

I’m very glad that they didn’t try to condense this entire story into one episode. It seemed to take up a lot of manga chapters. The adaptation of the Ikki vs. Buccha race has been excellent so far though, except that Ton-chan should not be here yet. I’m also glad that I’ve been reading the manga lately, because it’s increased my enjoyment of the anime immensely. Despite enjoying the content of this episode, I was disappointed by the animation. It looked pretty bad in some places. Ringo in particular seemed to get the short end of the stick as far as animation goes. Spitfire seems like an interesting character. From what I’ve read so far, I myself don’t know too much about him. He’s one of the kings, which it seems we’ll learn more about next week. We’ll also get to see the conclusion to Ikki and Buccha’s race. It’s pretty obvious how things will turn out though, so this wasn’t much of a cliff hanger. Hopefully Simca will show up again, since she wasn’t around this week at all.

Buccha gives me the creeps I'm glad I'm not Kazu Why in the world is she here now? This was a cheesey plot twist, yet I loved it

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