We start right where we left off, with Hachi out crying. Shouji finds her and takes her back. Shouji confesses that since he’s not even a college student yet, he dosn’t think he can take Hachi with him to Tokyo. He does add that he still wants to sleep with Hachi. Since they haven’t even kissed yet, Hachi doesn’t want to until he tells her he loves her. Not knowing what to do, Shouji thinks of himself as another person, a foreigner named Michael. Hachi doesn’t like that idea, but she plays along. While Shouji still doesn’t know how to say that he loves her, he embraces her and Hachi gets the point, so she does sleep with him. Eventually, Shouji goes off to college and Hachi gets her call, leaving us off at where episode 1 begins and taking us to Oosaki Nana. We see her performing at a convert with her band, the Black Stones. Afterwards, a crazed fan named Misato gives Nana a birthday gift. Nana kisses her as thanks, causing her to faint. Afterwards, Nana hang out with her fellow band members Yasu, Nobu and Ren. They get drunk and it’s bought up that Nana dropped out of school. Later they go home. Nana is currently living with Ren. The two take a bath and discuss the time they first met. Nana also talks about working for her grandmother. She needed the money, because her grandmother wouldn’t just give it to her. Nana was living with her grandmother, because her mother often ran away with men. Her grandmother didn’t want Nana to become like her mother so she wasn’t allowed to wear pink or red so she wouldn’t appeal to guys. When her grandmother died, the first thing Nana did was buy a red dress, which she wore when she met Ren. The two met thanks to Nobu. He told Nana that Ren was abandoned the day he was born. He’s happy about it because it made him famous. He needs fame to be a singer. Nana thinks of him as an idiot, but once she actually sees him she falls in love. This was partially because she was in a bad situation and he just seemed to shine so brightly. In present time, Nana goes to take brith control pills, since she’s sexually active with Ren. He tells her that he actually wants children, but Nana doesn’t, so that’s that. Things are suddenly shaken between them when Ren announces that he’s going to Tokyo.

I didn’t mean to write so much (not that I ever do), but I’m in a terrible mood and I like to write as a way of venting. Still, it’s not as much as some of the other bloggers write, but maybe they’re just crazy… in a good way, that is. I really enjoyed this week’s episode. It was nice to see a bit of both Nana’s back stories in the same week, because it’s interesting to contrast them. Both of them had boyfriends going to Tokyo and that seems to be the reason that both of them went now. I‘m not totally sure if that’s true for Oosaki Nana, but for now it’s a pretty good assumption. Both of them were in very different relationships though. Hachi and Shouji’s can hardly be called a “relationship” though. Up until this week, it was mostly just Hachi wanting to be friends with Shouji. Now that she wants more from him, I can’t help but think that they would’ve been better as just friends, Shouji seems to just want somebody to have sex with and his confession of love seemed to be only in Hachi’s imagination. On the other hand, despite the reason for it starting, Nana and Ren’s relationship seems to be quite deep. They’re already having sex and Ren wants to form a family. Why don’t they just get married and make it easier? I guess the main reason for that is that Nana is most interested and following her career as a singer. That was why she didn’t want kids, so I presume marriage would be too much involvement for her as well. Still, it seems as if she loves him. I can’t wait for the next episode to at least see her reaction to Ren leaving.

Since this was a somewhat serious scene, I don't understand why there was so much SD Ths series was not meant to have captions written for it Time for the other Nana What is with all the falling snow in this show?!

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