The episode begins with another dream, showing that Saber wasn’t the kind of ruler that a lot of her subjects wanted. In present time, Sakura makes a big dinner, which Taiga is happy about. Rin introduces Ilya to the family, claiming she’s a distant relative. Surprisingly, nobody has a problem with this. Soon, everyone watches a story on the news about recent gas leaks. Sakura interrupts by bringing in her desert. Ilya, Taiga and Saber all want it, so Shirou suggests they play janken. Afterwards, possibly tired of being nice to all her rivals, Sakura goes out to silently angst. Shirou, Rin and Saber head to the dojo to discuss the mysterious gas leaks. They think the people at the Ryuudou Temple are responsible. Ilya comes in and while dancing around, gives them her theory that Caster is behind it. She tells them that Caster has summoned Assasin, which is possible even though they’re both Servants. Caster has strong enough magic. Ilya also says that Caster killed her master. Her current master is just a normal human who she’s using as a puppet. Saber is angry that a master would betray a servant. However it’s revelaed that Caster is Medea, who was known in Greek mythology for a betrayal. Issei then shows up. Through Shirou’s brief chat with him, they learn that Souichirou has been living at the Ryuudou temple. Shirou, Rin and Saber decide to spy on Souichirou. Rin attacks his cloak with a finger blast and it turns out to be Caster. Caster tells Shirou and Saber to come out as well and so they do. Caster reveals that she indeed caused the gas leaks and she’s also been stealing souls. Souichirou is content with this. Saber, Rin and Shirou each try to fight Souichirou, who was given power by Caster. They’re each beaten easily. Even when, to Rin’s surprise, Shirou summons Archer’s swords, he still can’t win. Caster’s decided that it’s pointless to keep fighting and is going to go get a sacrifice. To summon the holy grail, she needs a master but obviously doesn’t have a real one. Therefore, sacrificing souls is the only way. Thinking that it’s Ilya Caster is after, Shirou sends Saber ahead. However, Saber finds Sakura unconscious when she gets back. She goes over to help her but Sakura attacks her with a blade. It turns out that she’s possessed by Caster and this is Rule Breaker, Caster’s noble phantasm. Normally it would cancel the contract between Shirou and Saber, but since Sakura’s magic is too weak, it only disables Saber’s ability to make her sword. When Shirou and Rin return, they see Sakura floating away. Caster tells them to go to the temple to get her back.

I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. I’ve been waiting to learn more about Sakura and it looks like now they’ll be getting into her story. Evil Sakura is just really cool. Maybe she should’ve been this way from the beginning. I have a thing for possessed characters though. It might be more interesting to see Sakura evil under her own free will, but for now I’ll settle for this. Caster is just plain ugly. Sure, her chibi version looked cute on the preview, but this version of her I don’t like. Maybe she looks better without that stupid costume. Caster does look like she’ll be an interesting villain though. She’s treacherous and a bit psychotic, considering she’s been stealing souls. Other Servants have as well, but that was due to their master’s decisions. Souichirou is quite a nut himself. Apparently he’s Casters puppet, but he likes what she’s doing and seems more than willing to help her. Saber, Rin and Shirou certainly have a lot of trouble on their hands now. I’d like to see how they handle things. The next episode looks very cool from the preview so I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Enjoy the angst It's the return of the finger blasts! Meet the psychos How's my Sugintou impersonation?

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Is 17th episode already subbed or you have watched it on TV? I hope i’ll see it soon. here” you can find information about all characters. We will see Dark Saber soon which master is Sakura!1111

Comment by jugg 04.29.06 @ 11:41 am

The sub is out, though I watched the raw. Thanks for the link. I’m a sucker for spoilers.

Comment by TL-chan 04.29.06 @ 5:17 pm

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