A flashback shows Kazuhiko being horded by fangirls at a party, but he tries to have some time alone with his sister Aki. Can you say incest? In the meantime though, the two are fighting over the computer. Celleria is successful in breaking them up. Aki will be in charge of the main compute for now. Everyone else splits up to do their job. Kazuhiko talks to Shuhei, telling him of his plans to protect Aki. Meanwhile, Aki and Sayaka discuss Kazuhiko. Sayaka thinks that since he’s an important person to her, they should be together and it will make them happy. Ryouta surprises everyone by taking out a camera and getting pictures of everyone. Morimoto comes in and brings them sandwiches. Ryouta takes some to Celleria and Yu as well. They’re both surprised by the sound of his camera and get defensive, but it turns out alright. Meanwhile, Sayaka starts to think that maybe she should just believe in Aya rather than constantly worrying. That’s probably a good idea, since Aya’s alright. She’s cooking for the other hostages and even the terrorists. She seems friendly with Karen. Ryota tries to strike a conversation with Yu, which just makes his situation more awkward. Yu eventually goes off. Soon, Aki learns of an attack through the computer. Kazuhiko decides to go fight with Shuuhei and Celeria, which worries her since it’s reckless of him. Shuuhei fights against the scarred terrorist dude and Kazuhiko goes after Karen. He’s able to fight her as an equal but not win, so he has Aki use the computer to lock her in a room with an explosive. Karen manages to escape. Unfortunately, with Kazuhiko on the other side they lose communication with him. Everyone believes that he’s dead.

Sorry, this is the best I can do for now. I can’t guarantee 100% accuracy because I wasn’t paying complete attention. The episode was enjoyable though. The Kazuhiko and Aki relationship just screams out incest. Of course, it can’t develop anymore for the time being since Kazuhiko’s missing. I’m sure he’ll return eventually, but I didn’t see him on the preview. For a minute there, I though Kazuhiko was going to get killed. I’m glad he didn’t. All the suspense during his action scene was certainly jarring though. Kazuhiko kind of reminded me of Oboro from Utawarerumono in this episode, but at least Kazu didn’t make a fool out of himself. He’s an excellent soldier. One scene this week that was particularly cute was the one with Aya and the terrorists. For a hostage, she has it pretty well. If she can get in good with the terrorists then maybe they’ll let her free. Next week, it looks like someone has healing powers. I’m guessing Shuhei, since he was seen in the infirmary. There was also the incident last week when he was quickly healed. I thought that was because he wasn’t really injured, but now I’m unsure. Also, it seems like Shuhei is proposing to Nao.

Lucky fangirls Yay! It's food Ryouta should be more careful about who he aims his camera at Kazuhiko is awesome

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