Emperor Inkara isn’t happy when Bennaui tells him of his brother, Sasante’s, death. Back at the village, Sasante’s estates now belong to the villagers so Hakuoro is moving everyone in. Mukkuru is getting quite a bit bigger and needs plenty of food, including Eruru’s breasts, much to her annoyance. Later, Hakuoro notices Yuzuha coming to the village. He soon sees Oboro, Dorii, Guraa, and some others who have come to aid the village under Yuzuha’s request. Eruru gets to meet Yuzuha, who at first thinks that Eruru is Tousukuru. They have the same scent, apparently. Yuzuha also senses the presence of Aruru in the room, whom Eruru didn’t notice was there as well. Eruru and Aruru get acquainted with Yuzuha. During their meeting, Aruru steals an apple. Afterwards, those in the village who can fight, including Dorii and Guraa, give the other villagers lessons. Oboro is out doing some training on his own and nearly stabs Eruru Later that night, Eruru and Hakuoro find that Aruru is up to something. They find out that she’s covering for Mukkuru, who’s gotten quite a lot bigger. Hakuoro is fine with this and Eruru gets a bit jealous of how much Hakuoro is spoiling her little sister. The next day, Hakuoro, Oboro, Dorii and Guraa go out. They find a village under attack with Bennaui and Kurou responsible. Oboro is immediately pissed off and wants to fight. He takes on Kurou while Hakuoro fights Bennaui. Dorii and Guraa fight some other soldiers, though Dorii gets hurt. The battle is put to an end when Aruru and Mukkuru come to the rescue. Later, Bennaui learns that Nuwangi has been promoted to a general. Nuwangi is psychotically pleased about this.

I think it’s safe to say as of five episodes that I’m very much in love with this series. This week’s episode was excellent as usual. It’s now clear to me that Sasante is indeed dead. The guy I saw on the preview was Inkara, who’s just as ugly as his brother. I’m hoping that he’ll get killed off soon as well. There just had better not be a third brother. It was interesting that Yuzuha noticed that Tousukuru and Eruru have a similar scent. I wonder why that is. It seems to me that Eruru could take Tousukuru’s role. I know Hakuoro is the leader, but he definitely doesn’t have the same jobs that Tousukuru did. Eruru seems to have the kindness and determination that’s necessary for such a job. One thing I also noticed is that for a guy with no identity, Hakuoro is developing quite an extended family. Aruru thinks of him as a father, Oboro has started calling him a brother and Eruru definitely wants to be his girlfriend. I wonder when if he ever finds his true identity if Hakuoro’s new life will be effected. I wonder if he had a lot of people that he was close to in the past or if he’s better off now. That probably won’t be answered for a while though. For now, we’ve got more action to look forward to next week. Oboro will probably do something idiotic again, but it’ll be nice to see his pretty hair flying around while he fights. Hopefully Aruru will get to do something cool again like in this episode and the previous one.

Eww Eruru's cute when mad Go Aruru! Mukkuru sure got big fast

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