Laharl and Etna, separated from a lost Flonne, are wandering though a forest. There, Laharl finally finds out about the wanted posters. Surprisingly, he’s not too mad. It eventually starts to rain, but the two find a building to go inside for shelter. Inside the building is a girl named Sardea, who’s after the monetary award for Laharl. She tricks the two by giving them food but the floor drops in on them and they’re trapped. She also traps Gordon, Jennifer and Thursday, who were there too. Laharl and Etna are attacked by a shark, which Laharl beats and throws through the glass so they can break out. Later, Flonne makes it there and gets caught up in this two. Mid-boss shows up, but nobody’s happy to see him so they just ignore him. Laharl goes to fight Sardea, but Flonne halts the fight by giving a speech about the kindness in Laharl’s heart. He just throws her away. There’s no real fight though. They wind up taking Sardea with them. She’s not on the preview though, so it doesn’t seem like a permanent thing.

That was kind of cute, but somewhat dull. Last week’s episode, which I didn’t get to blog, was quite a bit better. This was the first episode that has disappointed me. It wasn’t really weird enough. The absurdity is Disgaea’s strong point, since it hardly has a plot. Without it, there’s no real point in watching. It looks like next weeks episode will be a lot more satisfying, since it has gambling in it and is called “Etna’s Embarrassing Secret.” I’ve got nothing else to say really, except that there’s even less hours left until my demise. I’ve been studying lots of corrupt European monarchs though. It makes me glad that Laharl’s a fictional psycho monarch, since he won’t be on my AP Euro test. If only half this other stuff was fictional too, such as the industrial revolution. *cringes*

Yummy! Is she really that ugly in the game, or is it just because this episode was poorly animated? Flonne's about to make him throw up We're losers!

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