Caster reminisces about her past. On a rainy day, she was weak and collapsed but Souichirou found her and took care of her. She decided to stay with him. This is a rainy day too, so she was reminded of then. In present time, Rin Shirou and Saber go in search of Sakura. Rin doesn’t think that Caster would kill Sakura yet. Saber wonders why Caster would use Sakura, but Rin says that it’s because she’s from a family of mages so she has a magic circuit. They find a secret entrance and continuing on, Rin gets visions of Sakura. The group is soon attacked by spirits, which Rin and Saber easily defeat. They’re stopped again by Assassin, who wants to fight Saber but lets Rin and Shirou through. They find Sakura, but are stopped by Souichirou. Shirou summons Archer’s swords again to fight him. Caster shows up and apparently found out that Sakura and Rin have a connection. Caster tells Sakura that the person she’s waiting for came. Sakura starts to attack Rin. As the three fights continue, Rin tells Sakura that to a mage, protecting the purity of a soul is the most important thing. Rin decides to use her jewels as a weapon and Sakura creates a sword. Rin remembers back to their past, when some people took Sakura. Rin was sorry for leaving Sakura alone. The magic underneath Sakura eventually disappears, though she did manage to stab Rin. Rin tells Sakura to forget about this. The bad dream is over. She then kisses Sakura’s forehead. Caster states that she only needs one girl with a magic circuit to sacrifice.

Interesting happenings. I wish the back story between Sakura and Rin was a bit less vague. It would’ve been nice if they actually explained more. I have some information on what occurred then, but I don’t know all the details. I won’t expand on my knowledge to avoid spoilers. My pressing question of the moment: How did Sakura’s hair turn purple? Caster was interesting this week too. I wonder what her statement at the end meant. Maybe she was planning to use Rin. Caster got a bit of back story too, which was nice. I wonder what happened to her to make her so weakened. In conclusion, this episode just left me completely confused. I hope this doesn’t become my new Mai Otome, where each review is composed of question after question. ^_^; Next week, Gilgamesh. I’ve been waiting to see him.

Caster when she had better taste in clothing Sakura makes an excellent psycho Too cute!

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[[I wonder what happened to her to make her so weakened.]]

If you recall from Ep17, Caster killed her Master. No Master, no mana. No mana, life sucks.

Comment by Skane 05.07.06 @ 5:56 am

XD! That’s true… and funny.

Comment by TL-chan 05.07.06 @ 7:15 am

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