Shuhei reports back that Celleria was captured by Hallarax. During the battle, when Shuhei was shot, Celleria tried to hold the terrorists back, giving him a chance to escape. He doesn’t want to, but eventually, ignoring Aki, Yu closes the door, separating them. Sayaka is mad at Yu for this. Shuhei is hurt from the fight. He says he’ll be okay with a little rest, but he passes out. Meanwhile, Celleria is seen with the Hallarax. She states that she played her role. Then she smashes her glasses, pulls down her hair and laughs evilly. Shuhei soon wakes up in the infirmary. Nao is worried about him, so Shuhei teases her about getting wrinkles. Shuhei soon notices that he’s fully healed from being shot. He then has a vision. He hears Celleria’s laugh and sees Sayaka, Ryouta, Aki and Kazuhiko dead. Nao is under attack. Nao snaps him out of it but becomes more worried about him. Before Shuhei’s next vision, Celleria changes into bondage gear and Morimoto hits on Sayaka. This time, Shuhei comes out of it after hearing Nao talking in her sleep. Shuhei decides to test his healing power by cutting himself with a knife. He heals instantly. The next day, Shuhei announces his plans to go after Celleria. Everyone objects at first. He asks for Ryota and Yu to come out and speak with him personally. He tells them that he saw the terrorist in the infirmary melt. He also gets Yu to talk. He wants her to protect the others because she’s powerful. It turns out that she’s a mercenary. She’s no longer with Hallarax though. She talks briefly about their plans, which I unfortunately didn’t pick up much of. Afterwards, Ryota speaks with Sayaka, but doesn’t tell her what Shuhei said. Later, Shuhei thinks of Nao and conveniently, she shows up. Shuhei tells her to close her eyes and he gives her a ring, Afterwards, they have sex. The next day, Shuhei goes off on his mission and Nao is worried about him.

What a great episode! Seriously, I don’t expect this to de-throne Utawarerumono as the best show this season, but this is the best episode of anything that I’ve seen so far this Spring. Those who dropped the show should download this episode anyway. I did not expect that plot twist involving Celleria. All this time, I expected that Yu was the root of all evil, but it seems now that she’s not really so bad. Celleria on the other hand is psychotic. That evil laugh of hers is excellent. I never would’ve expected her to be evil. I mean, there’s a better chance of her going psycho than Nao for instance, but still… I’m shocked. Her new look is certainly interesting. My immediate thought was bondage. On the subject of Yu, despite the fact that she said she’s not with Hallarax, I still don’t trust her. In Shuhei’s vision, she was the only one not seen dead. Although Celleria was the one laughing, Yu could still have some involvement in it. She is a mercenary, so if she could get good pay, I could see her turning on the Aries crew. She doesn’t seem particularly attached to them. It looks like Kazuhiko is back, so I was wrong on saying that he didn’t make it. I’m sorry for the error. Next the topic of Shuhei and Nao’s relationship. I guess my doubts that Shuhei’s feeling for Nao weren’t completely sincere were wrong. It’s good to know that. The two make such a sweet couple. Therefore, I have the feeling that one or both of them will die. Since Shuhei has those healing powers, it’ll probably be Nao.

They're not really dead, but I wonder if Shuhei's visons were more of premonitions This shot does not do her ridiculous outfit justice A cool looking shot of Yu has become obligatory For once, the fanservice here isn't entirely out of place

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Just in case you haven’t gotten around to any of the subs out for ep 6, Yu is working for another faction of the terrorist group that took over the station. As she puts it, Faction A came up with the plot to take over the station and bring along the nukes. Faction B doesn’t like Faction A acting on its own, so it hired Yu marginalize any credit Faction A may take. She was also hired for another reason that she wasn’t so clear about it, asides from that the current situation makes it so that it’s advantageous for her to side with the crew.

The series itself falls into “so bad it’s funny” category.

Comment by nooneofconsequence 05.11.06 @ 5:48 pm

Yep, watched it the other day. Interesting. I’m excited to see how ridiculous episode 7 is, because I like crazy things like Soul Link.

Comment by TL-chan 05.11.06 @ 7:41 pm

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