Kurou and Nuwangi get into a fight, which is broken up by Bennaui. Meanwhile, training continues at the village. A suspicious old man that Eruru finds is taken in to see Hakuoro. He says that he’s only a peddler and even shows everyone his things. Hakuoro walks him out and the man takes out a knife, just to warn Hakuoro that he’s vulnerable. He then gives Hakuoro some medicine for Yuzuha before leaving. It turns out that he was working for Bennaui. In exchange for the information acquired, Bennaui pays him. Later, Eruru goes to visit Yuzuha. Yuzuha wonders why Hakuoro hasn’t come to visit her lately. Eruru says he’s been busy, but starts to worry about him. Meanwhile, a man from another village that was attacked earlier convinces the villagers to help him fight against Inkara’s troops. They go out into battle and have some success at first but then Bennaui and Kurou show up. Bennaui nearly defeats Hakuoro and wants him to surrender, but more troops from the village show up and Inkara’s troops are forced to retreat. When the soldiers return to the village, most people are joyous, but Eruru and Aruru just seem increasingly worried. When Bennaui returns, Inkara is unhappy about is failure but states that he had Nuwangi attack another village. Bennaui objects to this since they weren’t even involved in the revolt and because the people are the foundation of a country. They shouldn’t just be killed. For his opposition, Bennaui is put in jail.

It seems as if Bennaui may switch sides. If he does, he’d gain major respect points from me. It’s clear that his ideals are different from those of Inkara and Nuwangi. Disagreeing with Inkara’s cruelties and breaking up the fights of his own comrades aren’t the only signs he’s shown of being different from them. In the 3rd episode I believe, he also spared Oboro. Despite being really pretty, Bennaui isn’t a particularly interesting character, but if his good qualities do lead him to joining Hakuoro that would make him really awesome. If not, then he’ll still be boring, He was fighting Hakuoro in the preview, but previews are rarely a good indication of what will occur and I’ll give him more than a week before I dismiss him as a complete waste. Next, I must correct an error from earlier posts. While I referred to Dorri and Guraa as being female, it turns out that they are male. When I read this on the Animesuki forums, I freaked out, but the commentors on Omni’s post have confirmed it. Since they’re male, that makes them very gay. They seemed to like the spy’s jewelry and the way they acted around Hakuoro this week was… kinda cute! (What did you expect me to say? I’m a girl.) I’m still freaked out by the gender thing, but at least that adds this shows bishounen count to 5 (Dorii, Guura, Bennaui, Hakuoro and of course Oboro.) This, however, is a bishoujo series and there are still a ton of girls to introduce from the OP. I wonder when we’ll finally get to meet them. Some of them look especially kick-butt! I’m also curious to see what the flying girl is like.

Did not get nearly enough screen time I would not be that calm if I were in Hakuoro's place Despite him being boring,I like Bennaui a whole lot better than Inkara and Nuwangi

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“Bennaui nearly defeats Hakuoro and wants him to surrender, but more troops from the village show up and Inkara’s troops are forced to retreat.”

Hmm… I wish to clarify something here. If you recall; earlier in the episode, Hakuoro wanted to gain the support of villages on the other side of the Gate. Otherwise they would not have the numbers needed to defeat the Emperor’s army at his palace.

The injured villager that came to them was from the other side, telling them that they wish to join their cause as well. This is why Hakuoro decided to attack the Gate. So that the villagers from both sides could join forces.

He sent the twin Archers through the forest around the Gate to send a message to the other villagers on the other side to join them( a dangerous task, as Benaoui said to Hakuoro after he found out) because they were the fastest.

Thankfully, the twins made it in time, and the villagers from the other side managed to join the battle in time, allowing Hakuoro’s forces to simply overwhelm Benaoui’s forces with not only sheer numbers, but by sandwiching them as well.

The timeframe may not seem apparent in the anime, but the villagers did not immediately rush out after Hakuoro’s declaration of battle. Several days probably passed before they commenced their attack.


Comment by Skane 05.13.06 @ 4:06 am

Oh, okay. Thanks for explaining. I was unaware. Ultimately, I always lose a little bit in translation, so this is good to know.

Comment by TL-chan 05.13.06 @ 6:29 am

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