Still working for her own benefits, Etna teams up with the villain of the day (I didn’t catch his name, sorry.) Laharl and Flonne get trapped in a board game, where they’re forced to do various absurd things in cosplay. Etna has a bigger problem though. Villain of the day knows something embarrassing abut her. Eventually, Etna turns on him and frees Laharl and Flonne. Laharl faces the villain, but he sends out these singing girls who keep giving Laharl optimistic messages. This keeps hurting him, so Flonne keeps reviving him. Etna faces villain of the day and admits that she was once a subordinate to him and tried to poison Laharl. This is soon interrupted when the Prinny’s start to spit out smoke and somehow Laharl, Flonne, and Etna are sent out side the building. Laharl decides to spare Etna. Flonne is glad to see them as friends, but they do start bickering almost immediately after. The group leaves and Mid-boss is left with the smoking Prinnys.

There. I think I’ll do quickies of this from now on. It’s just easier on me, because I still find the dialogue in this series a bit much for me. Anyway, this was a good episode. I’m glad the series is back on track. There was definitely enough randomness this week for my liking. The funniest part was seeing Laharl and Flonne inside the board game. It kind of reminded me of Life at first, with the little cars and the spinner. The actual game was like no other though. I got to see Laharl cosplay as a turtle though, which was so darned cute! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually starting to like Mid-boss. It’s fun to see him show up every week. I’m no longer sure if the patter will stick though, because Gordon, Jennife and Thursday weren’t around this time. I’m very much looking forward to next weeks episode, featuring Laharl’s little sister. She’s very cute and seems to have all the qualities of a stereotypical imouto. That should be a lot of fun to watch, since I rather like imoutos.

V! Laharl makes an adorable turtle Etna's a tsundere? Shouldn't have eaten that

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