Saber continues fighting Assasin, who once again uses his Tsubame Gaishi attack. Saber dodges, though she gets a little haircut. She manages to kill Assassin. Meanwhile, Souichirou defeats Shirou and Caster tries to finish him off, along with Rin. Saber shows up to save them just in the nick of time. Unfortunately, Saber can’t use her sword on Caster due to Rule Breaker. Shirou fails at trying to get Souichirou to stop Caster. It’s then when a mysterious new servant shows up. He claims that Saber is his and because Caster and Souichirou tried to touch her, he throws swords at them. Caster tries to protect Souichirou and before she dies, Souichirou tells her that he’s fine and he’ll try to make her wish come true. He was only saying that to make Caster happy and was actually badly injured. Due to Caster’ death, the place they’re in starts to disappear. The new servant reveals that he new Saber and wants her to answer a question of his from ten years ago. Rather than answering him, Saber decides to leave the disappearing place. The others follow, though Shirou notices that Souichirou is still alive. He decides not to go back for his teacher. Later, Shirou, Rin and Saber discuss this new servant. He’s in the archer class and Rin decides that since there’s only supposed to be seven servants, he was probably the winner of a previous holy grail war who was somehow allowed to fight in this one. Saber tells that she once fought this servant and lost. She also says that he proposed to her, but she turned him down. Rin goes to see Sakura while Shirou and Saber head outside. Saber says that if she wins the war, she won’t be able to stay here. Discussing Saber’s role as a king, she explains that she doesn’t feel she has the power to be a king and that somebody else should take her place. Shirou doesn’t think she should worry about her past and do what she wants to in the present day. Also, Saber reveals that she destroyed the holy grail, so the new Servant couldn’t have gotten it. This was when her master was Emiya Kitsurugu, Shirou’s adoptive father. He was actually a person who didn’t hesitate to kill and he betrayed Saber. Saber believes that a new holy grail exists now and she wants to get it. Shirou visits Kotomine, from whom he learns that if Saber drinks from the holy grail she can become normal and live here as long as her master lives. Shirou also asks him about the 8th servant.

This was definitely one of the better episodes. I particularly liked the part with Caster’s death. Despite the fact that I had little sympathy for Caster and Souichirou prior to today, I was actually touched by what happened to them. Souichirou actually showed some emotion and Caster for once didn’t seem so insane. While I don’t know what Caster’s wish was (and probably never will, since she’s dead) it was very nice of Souichirou to tell her that it would be continued, even though he knew it couldn’t happen. At least she was able to die in peace. Shirou’s character development was also excellent this week. It surprised me that he didn’t try and save Souichirou. If this was earlier in the series, he would’ve done so without hesitation and it probably would’ve resulted in disaster. It was very interesting to learn in this same episode that the man Shirou wanted to be like wasn’t such a great person either. Of course, there was also Gilgamesh’s introduction this week. He was awesome! He’s got an amazing looking character design and seems to be a pretty intriguing character too. I was afraid that he would be nothing more than cool-looking, since he was introduced so late into the series. I’m curious myself as to what his purpose is and how there’s an 8th servant. Next time, Saber gets a cute lion plushie. Hopefully, it won’t be a filler.

One more down At last! Once Caster loses her ugly outfit, she has to die Not such a nice guy

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This is just a guess. Since Gilgamesh was of the archer class and he stayed in the “real world”, another archer was needed to replace him since 7 servants must be summoned.
I think the next episode will be a filler but it’ll be interesting since Shirou takes Saber on what appears to be a date lol.

Comment by Chairman Zhang 05.13.06 @ 12:49 pm

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