Soon after Shuhei leaves, Nao starts to have strange visions involving her floating around nude with a liquid version of herself. She’s soon snapped out of her vision when the group all nominates Ryota as their leader. He’s a bit unsure of this, but goes along with it after Yu takes him outside to talk. Soon, everyone around the ship starts to hear the voices of Celleria and Shuhei, who have met up again. Everyone is surprised to hear that Celleria is evil. Meanwhile, Karen is in one of the little mechs, trying to get it to work. She winds up picking up the conversation between Celleria and Shuhei as well. Eventually, there’s gunfire and Nao becomes worried about Shuhei. She runs to go after him but suddenly a door blows up, sending her flying and hurting her badly. Luckilly, the others find her in time. Some soldiers come out of the door, whom Yu attacks while Ryota takes Nao to safety. They turn out to be Sukyuras, so Yu is forced to retreat. After another vision, Nao wakes up in the infirmary, completely healed. Meanwhile, Aya finds some food on the ship. She tells Gale that she was scared by now that she’s with him, she’s not anymore. Because he saved her, she likes him. Gale is a bit freaked about this. In another part of the ship. Karen finally gets the mech to work. Later, Ryota visits Nao to bring her some clothes. He tells her that everyone’s worried about her. She starts to change in front of him, which freaks him out. When Nao returns, she, Sayaka and Aki go to help Morimoto cook for everyone. Afterwards, Sayaka, Ryota and Morimoto go out. Sayaka implies that she’s jealous of Ryota spending time with Yu. They soon discover something moving, which attacks Ryota. It turns out that it’s just Kuu-chan, a do who’s the mascot of the Aries. The dog then goes over to someone else, a scared little girl who says that she was separated from her family. They take her back and give her something to eat. It seems that she’s never seen a hamburger before, but she likes it. Sayka asks the girl her name and she introduces her self as Inatsuki Nanami. Nao decides to call her Nanami-chan and asks if she was lonely being all alone. Nanami-chan replies that she wasn’t because she had Kuu-chan. Everyone is happy briefly until Aki comes in, announcing that there’s a big problem.

First and foremost, the animation this week was awful. At some parts, it was almost painful to watch. The episode itself was pretty good though. Nanami-chan is cute so far. I wonder why they waited until this late in the series to introduce her. I haven’t played the game, so maybe she was introduced late in those too. I don’t know. Kuu-chan is very cute. He remind me a lot of Ein from Cowboy Bebop, only smaller. The cutest of all this week was Aya though. Her scene with Gale was funny. His reaction to hearing that she liked him was quite funny. I’ve come to like the scenes with Aya, since they’re usually light breaks from the action. If she gets reunited with Sayaka, that might stop these scenes. There were of course some serious developments too. Everyone knows about Celleria now. They seem surprised but not too devastated. Makes sense, since they just met her recently. It also seems that Nao has become a Sukyura. I wonder if that was a result of having sex with Shuhei. Having these powers could explain how she survived the attack in Shuhei’s vision. Still, for a minute there I thought she died this week. There was a substantial amount of blood coming out of her. I’m glad I was wrong though. I can’t really come up with a prediction of what will happen next based off the preview. It looks like Nanami-chan and Celleria meet, which could be a bad thing for Nanami-chan.

I think it's safe to assume that Nao is a Sukyura That took me by surprise Still providing cuteness, now providing lolicon I wonder if there'll be any more surprises hiding on the ship

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Nanami-chan’s appearance is just too convieniant. Maybe she Celleria’s daughter, or Imouto, or secret loli spy.

Comment by Baka-Kun 05.15.06 @ 11:41 am

Interesting theory. Due to her appearance, I didn’t think of the possibility that she could be bad. However, she seems too innocent and it would just be random that they threw her in halfway through the series.

Comment by TL-chan 05.15.06 @ 5:50 pm

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