The battles are continuing, but in a break from the action, Hakuoro goes to see Yuzuha at Eruru’s request. His visit is cut short when Oboro reports that a village is under attack. At the village, Nuwangi is torturing one man so he doesn’t notice the sneak attack by Hakuoro’s troops. Nuwangi is captured and taken back to the village. Eruru is given the decision of what to do with him. She says to let him free. Nuwangi leaves without a fight. Later, Hakuoro and his troops go to Inkara’s fortress for another fight. They get in with only a few casualties. Meanwhile, Kurou frees Bennaui, who is still loyal to his own country. Bennaui fights both Oboro and Hakuoro but eventfully runs off, leaving Hakuoro to Kurou. He goes to Inkara to report their loss. At the battle, Oboro fights Kurou so Hakuoro can go after Bennaui. He finds that Bennaui has killed Inkara. Bennaui prepares to kill himself next but Hakuoro uses his tessen to knock away Bennaui’s sword. As the two leave, everyone stops fighting due to the shock of seeing them together. Hakuoro reports Inkara’s death and everyone returns to the village, their former enemies included. In another area, a race of winged people hears of Hakuoro’s village, Tousukuru. Their princess will be going to Tousukuru. Another girl is watching the leaders talk.

As a rule for future episodes: less fighting, more Aruru. It seems as if the staff will be obeying this. Nuwangi is still around, but with Inkara dead and the conversion of his troops to the villager’s side, I’m guessing that if the war isn’t over then it’s at least on hiatus. I cheered over Inkara’s death, causing my brother to question what I was cheering about. ^_^; I’m glad to see him gone though. He’s just too disturbing to have around. As for the remainder of the show, there’s still the main plot about Hakuoro’s quest to find his memories. Whether it has anything to do with Hakuoro’s memories or not, there’s some kind of new sub-plot starting about winged people. Winged characters look cool, so I’ve been waiting to see them. The younger winged girl looks to be the focus of next week’s episode and she gets to go on a ride on Mukkuru. Very cute. Aruru will also be getting some screen time. I’m not sure how much, but she got more on the preview alone then she did in this week’s episode so it’ll certainly be an improvement.

Yay! Somehow Nuwangi managed to get lucky again I love the shock value here Winged people = cool

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>>As a rule for future episodes: less fighting, more Aruru.

Replace Aruru with Kamyu. You know you wanna.

Comment by DrmChsr0 05.19.06 @ 10:10 am

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