At a restaurant where Gordon, Jennifer and Thursday are working, Laharl learns that his younger sister that he didn’t know he had is in the area and wants his help. Laharl’s sister, Maharl soon shows up and is attacked by a gang. After they leave, regardless of the fact that Laharl really didn’t do anything, Maharl is grateful to him. She winds up spending time with him, causing Etna to be jealous and Laharl to act kindly to her. He even helps take care of Maharl when she gets sick. The two go out together some time later and run into Midboss, who freaks out upon learning of Maharl and Laharl’s relation. As the demon sibling leave, Midboss notices that Maharl’s doll is glaring at him evilly. Later on, Maharl winds up missing. Flonne goes looking for her but winds up becoming a hostage for the gang that attacked earlier. Maharl is involved with the gang. Laharl and Etna show up and Laharl battles the gang members, but they’re soon interrupted by Midboss. It’s revealed that Maharl isn’t real and was actually a doll of her doll, who was a living creature.

Wow, that was random. I didn’t expect for the doll to be the real being. It’s a clichéd thing, so I should’ve. Regardless, I wound up staring blankly at the end of the episode. Maharl was pretty funny though, so I’m disappointed that she wasn’t real. She could’ve been a great regular. It was also cute to see Laharl have to be nice. Despite all he says, he’s not really a bad guy. It was funny though when he cooked that disgusting I’m-not-sure-what for Maharl rather than using the power of love to heal her like Flonne wanted. He’s not that nice. Etna was kind of funny this week, with her fantasy of Laharl and Maharl’s relationship. It’s not happening though. Next week, lots of Prinnys. Should be cute!

Demonic sister XD If this was Canvas 2, this would really be happening Make it go away!

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If Thursday married Friday Monday she could be almost half a week.

Comment by Mary 05.31.06 @ 10:20 am

That would be disturbing. If this show were mixed with Madlax, it would be the crackiest of crack.

Comment by TL-chan 05.31.06 @ 2:57 pm

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