After his conversation with Kirei, Shirou displays his angst all the way home. Once there, he has a serious discussion with Rin until he mentions that he wants to go on a date with Saber. Rin starts laughing. When Shirou goes to ask Saber out, she doesn’t even know what a date is. Shirou’s not particularly good at explaining it, so Rin helps him out. Ilya shows up to express her love for Shirou, so to get her out of the way, Rin knocks her out. Afterwards, Shirou and Saber go out. First they go clothes shopping and Saber rips something, so Shirou has to pay for it. Next they go to the movies and watch a Star Wars clone. Afterwards is the aquarium, followed by a restaurant where they get some tea. Next they visit a toy shop where, to Shirou’s amusement, Saber falls in love with a stuffed lion that she insists he buy for her. Finally, they go see a half sunken ship and have a conversation about how Saber has to fight to get the Holy Grail and how Shirou doesn’t want her to have to. Saber gets angry at Shirou because she though he understood that she wants to get the Holy Grail more than anything. Shirou runs home and goes to sleep. He’s eventually woken up by Rin, who tells him that Saber never came home. Shirou is surprised by this but runs out after her. She’s still at the place they were last. At first, Shirou uses the excuse that he came back because Rin was worried, but then they make up. As they’re about to leave holding hands, Gilgamesh shows up.

Okay, that wasn’t as filler-ish as I thought it would be. It helped develop Shirou and Saber’s relationship at least. Maybe it wasn’t a vital episode, but it was still enjoyable. It had a lot of particularly cute moments, such as the scene in the toy shop. Saber’s lion is adorable. They have to make a plushie of it. I’m kind of surprised that Saber likes stuffed animals myself, but it’s amusing so I’ll go along with it. Interestingly, this episode was mostly just Shirou and Saber. Granted, much of the cast is dead, but Rin and Ilya got very little screen time while Sakura and Taiga didn’t show up at all. The ending this week was particularly suspenseful. I didn’t expect Goldie to show up there. The preview for next week’s episode was particularly intriguing. Saber gets quite a blood bath, but I doubt she’ll die. It’s still a jarring thing to see. I hope this week goes by quickly so I can find out what happens. That, and the fact that it’ll be closer to the end of the school year.

Rin's reaction to Shirou wanting to date Saber That's gotta hurt Very cute Still cute

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