The recap continues on for a little but before any new content. Afterwards, Junko learns about the two Nana’s living together and isn’t particularly happy about it. After all, Hachi doesn’t know Nana well. She could be a serial killer. Junko also thinks that Shouji should hear about this. Hachi hasn’t told him yet because he’s working. Junko gets mad that Hachi interrupted her when she was working and kicks her out. Hachi goes to Shouji’s apartment but he’s not there yet. She comes up with the idea that maybe Shouji is cheating on her with somebody named Sachiko. Shouji eventually comes home after working late. He tells Hachi that he sent her a text message, but Hachi never got it. Shouji realizes that he actually sent it to Junko. When Junko discovers the text message, she gets mad. She worries that Shouji never asked Hachi to move in with him. Kyousuke says that Shouji is also worried because he wants to marry Hachi. If he goes to college, it’ll be longer before he can support her. Meanwhile, Shouji also objects to Hachi moving in with Nana. He asks her to move in but Hachi denies. She is happy that he chose her over Sachiko. Shouji wonders who Sachiko is. Hachi decides to introduce Shouji to Nana but is afraid he’ll fall in love with him. He says he can’t though because he’s torn between Hachi and Sachiko even though he doesn’t know who Sachiko is. The next day, Hachi takes Shouji, Junko and Kyousuke to her apartment to help her move in. Junko is impressed the place but not by her friend’s apartment number, since in Japan, 7 is associated with death and thus an unlucky number. Everyone is freaked when they open the door and discover a bald man, Yasu. Hachi hears Nana complaining about the water temperature and realizes that they are at the right place. Yasu introduces himself and says that he’s a lawyer and will take care of things when they need it. Nana has him call the water company to get hot water. When Nana and Hachi decide to make tea for their guests, unbeknownst to the fact that there isn’t any gas, Yasu realizes that they know nothing about living in an apartment. He’ll take care of things for now, but they’ll be without heat the first night. Junko is content with Hachi’s situation since Yasu will be helping and leaves with Shouji and Kyousuke. Hachi offers Nana some warm clothes for the night.

First off, the Sachiko thing was very funny. It amused me that Shouji was playing along, despite not having a clue who he was talking about. I wonder if she’ll come up again. There were some other mildly amusing things too, but nothing really noteworthy. It was nice to see Yasu again. I wonder if Nobu will make an appearance in the future. Due to being slightly spoiled, I know we’ll be seeing Ren again. That’s not much of a spoiler though, because now that Nana is in Tokyo, she’ll be living near him. I’ve been having a hard time keeping respect for Shouji. Despite the fact that he wants to marry Hachi and is concerned for her well being, something about him just seems so fake. He was that way in Hachi’s flashback and he seems to be the same in the present time. Hopefully I’m wrong and the relationship between the two will turn out okay, because I’m sure Hachi would really suffer again. I’d probably just wind of laughing if he really did cheat on her with someone named Sachiko though. Thinking of the romances in general, I wonder if Nana will try and get back together with Ren. The preview this week was ridiculously vague, so I have no clue what will occur next week. If I were to make a prediction it would be totally random so I won’t.

The dreaded Sachiko This would be a nice romantic moment if Shouji had a clue what was going on Is Yasu really that odd? The Nanas have a lot to learn

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