There’s no sign of Shuhei, but Kazuhiko, Yu and Ryota do find Karen. They take her back with them and Karen gets to try some of Nanami’s newly cooked hamburgers along with the others. Nao wants to know where Shuhei is and asks if he’s alright. Karen doesn’t know but gives them the information she does have. She did meet up with Shuhei while on his mission and they briefly fought. When she learned that Shuhei was looking for Celleria she told him that Celleria attacked them. This also explains why Gale and Aya were running away last week. Learning that Shuhei is trying to protect his brother and comrades, Karen gives him her gun before they part ways. Back in the present, Sayaka asks Karen if she’s seen Aya. She replies that she has and Aya escaped with Gale. Aki comes in the room and immediately gets into a fight with Kazuhiko. Nanami wants them to make up, so they do, unable to turn her cute pleading down. ^_^; Before Nanami intervenes though, Sayaka gets upset and leaves. Ryota follows her. Meanwhile, Aya finds a very small passage way that she tries to go through, but gets stuck. Gale has to help her out. Ryota tries to comfort Sayaka, but she shuns him and leaves. Ryota then meets up with Yu and Karen. When Karen brings up Shin, Yu is surprised to hear his name and leaves. She flashes back to a time where she and Shin were in some war-zone and Shin told her to run, heading in the opposite direction. She called out for him but he didn’t answer or return. When Ryota now tries to comfort her, he gets shunned again. In the mean time, Nao and Nanami are talking and Nanami wants to call Nao “mother.” Nao is fine with that. Sayaka is in angst mode, realizing that she promised to meet Aya again, but she still hasn’t. She wants to protect her friend. Ryota is looking at the bugs and Morimoto comes to speak to him about them. Nao and Nanami show up and they all have a discussion on the science of the bugs and on the joy of life. Karen takes a shower and sees Yu when she comes out, who’s going somewhere. Kazuhiko and Aki get into another fight. Sayaka decides to take one of the mechs to go and save Aya, but Ryota and Morimoto stop her. Yu winds up taking the mech in search of Shin.

This would’ve been up earlier, but I had to do some cleaning since I’m getting an Air Conditioner in my room. Anyway, this week’s installment, despite animation problems, was pretty interesting. We’re getting back to episode one territory, where everyone seems to know each other. There were no new friends of Sayaka or Ryota, but I didn’t expect for Yu and Shin to know each other. Actually, I didn’t even know Shin’s name until today. If they didn’t show his face, I wouldn’t have known who they were talking about. He looks rather different in the flashback too. Considering the fact that Yu looks near identical to her current age, I wonder how long ago it was that they were friends. Probably not too much time passed by. I felt bad for Ryota this week. He was just trying to be helpful, but everyone was pretty rude to him. I also feel bad for Sayaka, even though Aya is in good hands. Characters like that always get to me emotionally, because they have a big burden on their hands with nothing they can do about it. Hopefully, she’ll still get to play a part in saving her friend… if Aya even wants to be saved. She and Gale are very cute together. Next week, more evil Celleria! She’s so awesome as evil, so I look forward to it.

I miss her delicious evilness She's got everyone under control Poorly drawn angst Little Shin is cute while little Yu looks near identical to her present state

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