Most of the villagers leave, but Hakuoro and his dysfunctional family stay at Inkara’s castle. The winged people send a message in hopes of creating a friendly relationship between their two countries. Hakuoro and Bennaui meet up with the princess Urutori and a man named Munto. Eruru comes to bring them tea and Urutori mistakes her for Hakuoro’s wife. Much to Eruru’s disappointment, Hakuoro replies that she’s more like a little sister to him. Since Hakuoro has to work, Eruru is given the job of showing Urutori and Munot around. Eventually, she takes Urutori to her room. Urutori is surprised by all the medicine. She’s interested in becoming a medicine woman to help others. Eruru wants to be one too to be like her grandmother. Meanwhile, Hakuoro goes out and sees a winged girl playing. He loses sight of her though and goes back in. He finds the girl in his bed. The girl pretends to be invisible, but that doesn’t work so she runs off. She’s stopped by Mukkuru. Urutori shows up to apologize for her little sister, Kamyu. Aruru was also awake, but was scared of Kamyu. The next day. Kamyu tries to make friends with Aruru, who keeps running away. Neglecting his work, Hakuoro gives Kamyu some advice. As a peace offering, Kamyu gives Aruru a honeycomb. Aruru accepts and decides to share it. The two get Yuzuha to play with them and all become friends. Oboro notices that Kamyu is playing with Aruru and Mukkuru, which gets Munto upset. When Bennaui points out that Yuzuha is there too, however, Oboro flips out and tries to chase them, but is unsuccessful at stopping them. Urutori spends more time with Eruru and points out that her room is reminiscent because it smells like Tousukuru. Hearing Tousukuru’s name upsets Eruru, so Urutori tries to comfort her. One day, Hakuoro finds the three girls and Mukkuru sleeping together. He wishes they could live this way forever. The winged delegates have to leave though, so Kamyu says farewell to her friends.

Despite the fact that very little happened this week, I loved the episode. I’m just more used to the fast pace of the last few episodes. More episodes like this are always welcome though. It was just an excuse for cuteness. I’m definitely a Kamyu fan. She’s an overall cute character who still doesn’t win over Aruru but is a nice addition to the cast. Urutori is by no means a bad character, but just hasn’t done anything to interest me yet. Munto only gets points from me because I found it funny when he was getting teased by Oboro. Of course, Oboro’s reaction to Yuzuha being out was the best. I find him to be such an amusing character. It was also funny when he was fighting with Kurou for the attention of their bosses. Next week, Hakuoro is not getting his wish by any means. The war seems to be back in full swing. I wonder if the new villain comes from the same village as Bennaui and Kurou or is from an entirely new faction. The mood of the preview just seemed so sad. I can’t help but think somebody’s going to die. It did show a building getting blown up, so I hope nobody significant was inside it. On the other hand, it would be interesting if someone died, just to create more drama.

Kamyu finally appears in clear visuals Oboro fails again! Behold: Eruru angst The silver hair and the black wings give me Sugintou vibes

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