I’ll be going out for the day, but I figured I’d get this up first. Briefly, a few notes. No Nana this week (Edit: But I will mention that it was the best episode yet). We’ll see about Fate/Stay Night. For now, check out what Garten and Omni wrote. Both have long, detailed summaries. Next, I’ve still been unable to find a torrent for Disgaea 08, so if anyone wants to point one out to me, it would be much appreciated. I haven’t checked Tokyo Tosho today yet, but hopefully it’ll be out by now.

I procrastinated watching this series for quite a while, simply because it was meant to be comedic and I didn’t want it to ruin my perspective of the serious and dramatic Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. Thankfully it didn’t. It in fact made me like it more and now I plan on re-watching the original. Gouda was an incredibly interesting character. The fact that he was essentially an even stupider version of the Domon from G-Gundam (they even share Tomokazu Seki as a seiyuu) was a very fun thing for me. Actually, If you like G-Gundam I recommend you see this for the parodies. Gouda’s imaginary robot is even capable of doing a Sekiha Love Love Tenkyouken knockoff. The imaginary robot was probably my favorite element of the series. Some of the sequences involving it made me laugh so hard. One amusing thing about it is that Gouda’s opponent is actually a discolored Takayuki whose harem includes discolored versions of Mitsuki and Haruka. I actually didn’t realize this at first. I knew they were supposed to be symbolic of the three original stars, but the color changes fooled me into thinking they were someone else. Back on the subject of Gouda, I was actually a big fan of his relationship with Akane. While the two don’t wind up together, I was happy that Gouda was able to get Akane out of her depression. Someone with a crazy personality like his was exactly what Akane needed, seeing that Gouda’s extreme openness of his feelings was the polar opposite of Takayuki’s extreme indecisiveness. Now I must say, if you haven’t watched this, I highly recommend doing so but you should see the original first. The references will make a whole lot more sense. There’s also a lot of references to MuvLuv though, which I haven’t played. Hopefully, all the cameos were hinting the rumored upcoming Muvluv anime, because I’d really get a kick out of seeing that. I wonder if Funimation has the license to this or plans on getting it, since they’re releasing KimiNozo. I sure hope so.

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Akane Maniax is one hell of a joyride.

Ooh, crazy hair Mitsuki.

Comment by DrmChsr0 05.27.06 @ 10:22 am

I also enjoyed Akane Maniax. Gouda-kun was awesome :3!! Haruka-chan version 2.0 looked absolutely adorable. And… didn’t Takayuki’s name sound like “King Irresolute” xD?

Comment by Taiyou 05.30.06 @ 9:13 pm

I didn’t think of that, but it’s pretty funny. Such craziness. ^_^

Comment by TL-chan 05.31.06 @ 3:02 pm

Akane Maniax is like a funny transition between KGnE and MUVLUV coz it includes the introduction of robots in the KGnE universe..

There’s a MUVLUV manga.. i dunno where that one’s serialized

And I’m also hoping for a MUVLUV anime too!

Comment by sNooZe-kun 06.12.06 @ 8:35 am

A Muvluv manga? I’ll have to look into finding that.

Comment by TL-chan 06.12.06 @ 2:34 pm

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