Celleria has captured Shuhei and is taunting him. On her way to find Shuhei and Shin, Yu fights a Sukyura. She wins, but is attacked by several more. Meanwhile, Nanami uses the computer and searches for “shiawase.” Happiness. Morimoto shows up and tries to cheer her up. Nanami calls Nao mother, as Nao allowed her to do last week. Morimoto is quite surprised to hear this though, so Nao has to explain. Getting back to Yu, she finally makes it in and finds Shuhei. She shoots Celleria several times, but being a Sukyura, she recovers. Yu is attacked by a large amount of people at once and screams. Of course the scene has to change to Aki and Kazuhiko’s bitter-fest. Aki winds up leaving the room and going to take a shower, but Ryota’s already in the shower reflecting on his feelings for Sayaka. Aki sees him naked when he gets out. Gale and Aya continue wandering the ship. Aya freaks out when she gets wet by a drip of water, but than a liquefied Sukyura drips down. Gale starts to fire at it. Finally at our main point again, Yu somehow survived but Celleria was able to capture her as well. Shin sees another girl when he looks at Yu and decides to attack Celleria, freeing Yu. Yu rescues Shuhei. Shin tried to hold back Celleria’s men but winds up getting shot. Rather than being killed, he’s turned into a Sukyura. Shuhei attacks, giving Yu time to escape with Shin but getting himself captured again. Yu resents leaving him behind. In a flashback of Shin’s it’s revealed that the girl he saw in Yu was actually his sister. Suring the war she was badly hurt. Celleria was a doctor who came in to take care of his sister and she lived. As Yu and Shin continue running, Celleria has more men sent to ambush them. Luckily, Nanami happens to have some mysterious powers. She sees that her “father” is in danger and shows everyone the image of Yu and Shin running, using the computer. Yu and Shin are surrounded and plan to use a grenade, but Karen, Kazuhiko and Ryota come to their rescue. Nanami touches Shin’s wound and it changes color. Shin seems to know that there’s something unnatural about her and says “You are…”

And then the episode ends. We won’t get to see what exactly Nanami is until at least next Sunday (earlier if you live in Japan or use one of those nifty Japanese P2Ps. I wonder if I should get myself one of them.) Darn it I want to know what Nanami is! It makes sense that there’s something unnatural about her. They wouldn’t just introduce a normal girl in the middle of the series. Now that we’ve finally learned that she’s abnormal, I can say that this show is at least doing something right. Actually, the animation was pretty good this week. Besides that, there’s plenty of good things about this series. Shin’s back story was rather interesting. Celleria seemed like such a nice person back then. What caused her to snap? Hopefully, that will be answered soon. I also wonder if she was able to heal Shin’s sister due to her Sukyura powers. Maybe she didn’t even have them then. Shin’s betrayal of Celleria was easy to predict. I expected that he’d probably be killed in doing so, so him being turned into a Sukyura surprised me. Poor Shuhei is still captured. Nao’s not going to be happy about that. Seeing that Yu actually cared about that pretty much confirms the fact that she is trustworthy. Good!

Capturing someone is not a good way to show your love for them Yu: cold blooded killer mode Seeing nice Celleria is a bit creepy Space Reject sentai team Go!

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