Akito is sitting on a ledge somewhere, reflecting on his meeting with Ikki. He moves his eye patch over to his left eye and becomes Agito. Meanwhile, the leader of the Skull Saders is still in action and still mad at Ikki. He’s attacked by Agito and another boy and easily defeated. Meanwhile. Ikki, Kazu and Onigiri are having a crisis. They only have four members for their team. Using Emily as bait, they’ve lured various guys toward them to try and find an ideal 5th member. Unfortunately nobody has been good enough. Ringo isn’t too happy about this either. She’s come to give Ikki a letter though, so she does just that. It turns out to be from Agito and is inviting him to witness an A-class A-T match against the Buls. Everyone comes along, piled into Ton-chan’s car. Ton-chan isn’t enjoying being so cramped. Thankfully, Buccha rides on the roof to save her a little space. The group eventually meets up with the Buls. They learn that their leader is a friend of Inuyama’s. Once Akito arrives, the game is announced. They’re going to be racing to get a floating balloon. Akito is made into Agito so he’s ready for action. As Ringo starts to explain Agito’s abilities, she’s disgusted to find Ikki going to the bathroom in public. After that little incident though, the match begins and Agito proceeds to beat the crud out of the Bul’s leader.

Akito-kun!!! I honestly wonder if any female fans of Air Gear don’t love Akito. While Agito can seriously give me the creeps, Akito is just too cute not to love. I’m surprised by just how girly his voice sounds. While he’s certainly lacking in the masculinity department, it was odd to hear that voice coming out of his mouth. He sounds much better as Agito. While this is working a bit differently from the manga, I’m fine so far with the way this storyline is being done. Of course, this is just the beginning. So long as a certain scene later on in this arc is left intact, I should be okay with it though. I worn all men who are watching this show to proceed with caution in any future episodes involving Akito. In case you haven’t been spoiled, I won’t get any further into my thought. I kind of wish they didn’t have the scene with Ikki taking a dump in public. It’s just so… gross. It was even grosser in the manga but… eww! Do not scar my poor innocent soul. Hopefully we’ll get lots of Akito next week to help me recover from that.

When I first learned that Akito was male, I was surprised Obviously both fashion rejects I doubt he'd fit in the car even if everybody else got out It's Jaws!

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very good

Comment by Olof bernard 06.04.06 @ 2:31 pm

Um… thanks. The brevity of your post makes me hope you’re not a spammer, but even if you are, you’ve flattered me!

Comment by TL-chan 06.04.06 @ 2:35 pm

im not sure if this is true but akito/agito’s voice is done by the same person and is a girl

Comment by chicky 07.18.06 @ 8:07 pm

im not sure if this is true but akito/agito’s voice is done by the same person and is a girl mayb thats why his scream sounded like a girl’s wen ikki bit him

Comment by chicky 07.18.06 @ 8:08 pm

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