Hachi is freaked out when she wakes up after 11:00. She’s late for work, or so she thinks. Nana just laughs at her. It turns out that it’s only 7:00, so Hachi’s clock must be broken. The two go out to get food and eat breakfast by the river. Hachi questions Nana about getting a job. Later, Hachi goes to work. She finds out from her boss why her clock was broken. No batteries. Junko shows up at the store where Hachi is working. She informs Hachi that Shouji was upset over being turned down the night before. Junko believes that Hachi should treasure Shouji more. After work, Hachi becomes somewhat depressed. Her mood changes to shock when she comes home to discover Nana building a table. Hachi takes a bath and thinks about how much fun she’s been having with Nana. Afterwards, she asked Nana if she’s a professional guitarist. Nana replies that she’s actually a vocalist. Hachi also questions Nana’s tattoo, which she says is Ren’s flower. Soon the doorbell rings and Nobu shows up. He’s abused by Nana for a bit. Nana wants him to leave and focus on his future career. Nobu is content with just being Nana’s guitar player though. Yasu calls and suggests that Nana start a band here with Nobu. Nobu even bought a song he wrote with him for Nana to listen to. After hearing the song, Nana and Nobu decide to put on a little concert for Hachi with an Engrish version of the OP.

I’m glad to see Nobu again. He adds some great comedy to this show. It’s not like it wasn’t funny already though. I was laughing right along with Nana at Hachi’s clock predicament. The solution was pretty funny too. The music in this week’s episode was great! I loved the engrish rendition of the opening theme. I hope it’s on the single or one of the OSTs. Speaking of which, I wonder when the OP single will be released. If it already was and I missed the date, let me know so I can go looking for it. I definitely want the ED single as well, though I don’t like it as much as the OP. I also want to mention that, at least according to Omni’s blog, there will be 50 episodes of Nana. While that’s more than a bit daunting, if the show remains as good as it is now, I’ll at least have a year of quality entertainment. Still… 50 episodes? *shivers* I’ll be looking forward to number 10 at least.

Oh noes! Junko should just keep her sweatdrop up permanantly That's gotta hurt Blast's concert #1

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