Rin and Saber have a brief talk, mentioning that Ilya’s fever has been getting worse and that Lancer’s master was killed. Lancer probably made a contract with another master. Saber worries about Shirou, who Rin thinks probably went to see Kirei. Saber decides to go after him. She does find Shirou there, covered in blood. Lancer is also there, ready to fight her. Kirei comes in during their battle, saying that he’ll give Shirou back if the two servants stop fighting. He also offers Saber the Holy Grail. While it can’t show up until there’s only one master left, there’s still the vessel. Kirei reminds Shirou of what happened ten years ago and it’s revealed that Shirou feels guilty because he was more interested then in saving himself over everyone else. Kirei tempts that with the Holy Grail he could change this, but Shirou doesn’t want the suffering that the people overcame to become meaningless. Shirou is given back to Saber, Kirei’s new target for temptation. He says that she can fix the king selection with the Holy Grail and that she should kill Shirou so the Holy Grail could come out. Saber won’t, because her wish now is to have Shirou. She heals him. Kirei is annoyed so he reveals Gilgamesh, his partner in the previous Holy Grail War. He’s been keeping Gilgamesh alive by feeding him souls. Lancer is angry because he was never told about Gilgamesh being Kirei’s servant. It turns out that Kirei was responsible for the destruction ten years ago. He used the Holy Grail to try and fulfill his wish of making everyone disappear. The Holy Grail is meant to destroy everything but its owner. After explaining all of this, Kirei tells Lancer and Gilgamesh to finish off Shirou and Saber. Gilgamesh is about to do so, but Lancer allows them to escape, getting himself killed in the process. Outside the church, Saber heals Shirou again by healing Excalibur’s sheath, which was apparently planted inside Shirou by Emiya Kiritsugu to save his life during the destruction ten years ago. Shirou asks Saber to help him destroy the grail. She agrees to do so.

When I actually don’t go looking for spoilers, this can be a pretty surprising show. I didn’t expect the Holy Grail to be what it was. I figured it could grant wishes as everyone believed for the previous 21 episodes. While this is a bit clichéd, it’s kind of cool this way. I did have a suspicion throughout that the previous Holy Grail war would be linked with the destruction of the city. That was correct, so it’s time I try my luck on a new prediction. I’m thinking that Ilya is the vessel for the Holy Grail. If that’s the case, I wonder if she’ll be included in this show’s large body count. Lancer was added to it this week, just as I was starting to like him. I wasn’t particularly fond of him in the beginning of this series, but was pleased to see him turn against Kirei. Kirei is certainly a creep. The series is almost over, but from the looks of it, I think they’ll still have time to make a good ending. There’s not a ton left to cover, so this could turn out to be one of the best endings in a while.

Yes Saber, you've been turned into a girl Lancer's brief return Shirou gets a noogie How does Gilgamesh manage to look so cool all the time?

Now I should get back to fighting with my FTP

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I’m quite sure it was Emiya Kiritsugu, Saber’s previous master, who saved Shirou and implanted Excalibur’s sheath, not Kotomine.

Right? right?

Comment by Amen 06.03.06 @ 11:00 am

You’re right. My mistake. I’ll fix that. At least I can go back to my theory that he’s a complete psycho.

Comment by TL-chan 06.03.06 @ 11:27 am

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