Shin is being cared for in the hospital. He believes that Nanami is an advanced Sukyura. He explains to the others that Celleria did research on the Sukyura. Shin helped her. Another person was also working with them and used to sexually harass Celleria. One night he snuck into the lab and discovered a body. Celleria was waiting for him, laughing evilly. Something occurred offscreen but apparently, Celleria was killed. Shin was shocked to see her alive one day. Everyone is shocked by his story as well. Apparently, the Sukyuras are all living a false life. Their cells are replaced by Sukyura cells. This gives them unlimited life. Everyone is naturally confused by his long winded explanation, including myself. Sorry, but it’s too much Japanese at once for me to handle. Shin also states that Celleria is controlling the Sukyura like a puppet master. Meanwhile, Gale and Aya run into some more opposition. Aya says that she isn’t scared though, since she’s with Gale. Ryota and the others run into some trouble of there own when Aki discovers a problem with the Aries. They’re running out of time and still have to save Shuhei. Nanami spends some time by the bug in the tank and somehow hears Celleria and Shuhei. She becomes upset over what’s happening to her “father.” Soon enough, it’s time to put Kazuhiko’s plan into action. Ryota remembers huis talk with Shuhei before Shuhei left. Shuhei said he’d have no regrets. Ryota then starts to take command. He tells Yu, Nao and Kazuhiko to stay. Karen doesn’t plan on listening and is going to go on her own. Morimoto manages to get her to listen. Back to Gale and Aya, Aya struggles to pick up a gun to help Gale, but Gale takes it from her and tries to make an exit by force. In the meantime, Yu is taking care of Shin and asked why he saved her. He says that he wanted to. Nanami reports happily back to Nao that the bug gained new life. Nao is happy for Nanami and the bug, but starts to cry, not saying why. Karen is talking to Kazuhiko about Gale. Sayaka is looking at her photo of herself and Aya and starts to cry. Ryota comes to comfort her. He says that with both their power, they can save Aya and the two kiss. Gale seems to be doing just fine at protecting Aya from the time being, as they’re under attack. Shuhei’s in more danger, as Nanami can see in her vision. She also sees Celleria put the Aries in reverse. Everyone is jarred a bit but fine. Nanami comes into Shin’s room.

Well… I went a bit crazy, didn’t I? I had no plans to write this much but I’m a tad bit too obsessed with this show. It’s funny, since I made fun of it a lot at first. It’s still quite laughable, but I’ve gotten hooked on the story and found this episode to be a thrill a minute, even if it was way too dialogue heavy. I couldn’t understand everything Shin said in his explanation about the Sukyura and Celleria’s research, but what I did get was pretty intriguing. They seem to be a totally different race. Celleria even said that she wasn’t human. Once she gives the Sukyura cells to someone, they’re born as somebody in this other race. It’s a very intriguing concept. Despite all the seriousness, there were some funny parts in this episode. I certainly wasn’t too worried for Celleria when she had her little sexual harassment problem. She was crazy back then too and that poor guy was probably scarred for life by whatever he saw. It’s a shame that scene wasn’t shown in detail, but with all the death, maybe it was too graphic. Apparently, the DVD releases will include footage not shown on TV so maybe then I can see Celleria’s revenge and death. Karen was also pretty funny this week. I loved her impression of Gale. The scene with Aya and the gun was sort of funny too. The preview was so terrible, since it didn’t give me a clue as to what will happen next. I must know!

Seriously, I’m feeling quite insane/obsessive at the moment. Here’s a boatload of screencaps!

Let's all stare at the injured person Shin without shirt=hot Because Nanami is cute Heck, I like Shin with his shirt on too I doubt he knows the dangers of what he's doing Hi Mr. Pervert... Meet Ms. Psychopath Ahhhh! I'm an immortal psychopath! Nanami is cuter still But let's not discredit Aya's cuteness Morimoto looks calm for a guy being strangled Psycho Celleria in Nanami's vision Nanami is even cute while in angst mode Aside from this flashback and his voice, no Shuhei this week Karen was amusing this week Now it's Ryota's turn to be choked How do you expect to use that if you can't even hold it? Wow! Gale's that strong? Yu continues to be tsundere Time for... a sob fest! Aww... Double aww Thrown out of her chair due to the ship turning Back to being mysterious

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ooh can’t wait for the subs to come out. Good thing the anime is not very bad… tough that kiss could’ve been better drawn … oh well comepared to what they did to Shuuhei and Nao’s scene, it’s still better.

Good plot development too. Can’t believe there re only 2 more episodes left. I ’smell’ a very rushed ending.

Comment by Vera 06.06.06 @ 2:04 pm

I have no idea how they’re going to end this. I’ve still got my hopes up that it’ll be good. They should’ve made it 26 episodes, because the series has felt a bit rushed throughout.

Comment by TL-chan 06.06.06 @ 5:46 pm

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