During a storm, a slave escapes and slaughters her captors. Afterwards, she passes out and is taken to the castle by Oboro and Kurou. She turns out to be from Na-Tunku. The girl breaks free from her temporary jail cell and shows up during a conversation between Hakuoro and others. She introduces herself as Karura. She wants to know if Hakuoro is going to send her back or kill her, but he says for now he’ll have Eruru take care of her wounds. Karura leaves with Eruru and teases her a bit while she’s being taken care of. After Eruru gets Karura permission to leave her cell, she’s introduced to Aruru and Mukkuru. Aruru is curious about the chain on Karura’s neck. Eruru thinks she’s being rude to ask, but Karura makes Eruru her own out of flowers. Afterwards, Eruru offers a room to Karura, but she’s fine with the jail cell. She does want some sake though. Meanwhile, Urutorii and Kamyu come back. Urutorii seems to know Karura and they spend some time together. Later, Karura offers to join Hakuoro’s army, but has to test her strength first. She gets to fight against Bennaui, but her sword breaks. She gets two swords from a soldier on the sidelines and tries using them together, but winds up breaking those as well. After the fight, a new blade arrives for Karura. It’s incredibly large and Kurou is unable to pick it up. Karura manages to do so easily and leaves with it. Everyone is impressed.

Okay, I’ll try not to say anything ridiculous this week. :P Karura rocks though! She’s quite tough. The opening scene was quite creepy, but a great first impression on the character. In actuality though, I like her better when she’s not slaughtering people. I’m not too fond of creepy characters. I’m hoping she gets more action in the future, as there was nothing creepy about her when she was fighting Bennaui. I’m also looking forward to meeting the new character from next week and seeing what she can do. She looks like she’ll be cool. More importantly though, I’d love to know what Aruru was crying about. It looks like something big is going to happen, other than yet another member being added to Hakuoro’s harem. Completely unrelated, but the ED single is finally out. The ending theme sounds great in full size!

Interesting first impression of a character I think Eruru was embarrassed for like.. this whole scene A less creepy Karura Karura gives off quite an impresion

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